Monday, February 22, 2016

From Darkness to Light

So I won't be writing much today, but things are going great in Idaho.

Janice is really progressing great. Her conversion is such a sweet experience to witness. God really loves her and she has felt that from the Spirit for sure. She bore her testimony and witness to us in two lessons this week, and her countenance continues to brighten :) She came from a very rough life in darkness, and now she is full of the Spirit of light. 

I have developed a deep testimony of God's love and His Spirit! Mainly through seeing Janice and her experiences and the changes she has made. God really does want all of His children to succeed and we all have such bright futures ahead of us! I have felt more of God's love in my own life now in knowing He truly has a perfect plan. Life is tough though, bad things happen, and we all face adversity. It is through the gospel that we maintain peace through those moments and that we can with a 'surety hope for a better world' (Ether 12:4) 

We all are in darkness at times! We may not immediately reach the 'light', but we progress from darkness to bright light in small increments. Sometimes so small we may not notice, but if we will choose the light we will always be on the path to true joy and happiness! 

Love y'all!

Elder Bean

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