Monday, March 30, 2015

When You Apply Love to an Ordinary Action It Becomes an Extraordinary Action

Staying in Buhl for another 6 weeks! Being joined here by Elder Moser.

Things were a lot of fun this week. Wednesday our District fasted for new investigators. Now here is the cool part: Elder Bunker and I found 5 that day!!

We had a lesson planned with the Nelsons and then they said they were going to Johanna's for dinner and we could come so we did and ended up teaching about the Spirit World and stuff about Christ! It was awesome and finally got to go there and do that. (Johanna, Sally, and Bailey were 3 of the 5). 

We found one guy on the street and he is open and lives with less-actives actually! Then the other one was a part member family with an unbaptized daughter and she agreed to take the lessons to prepare for baptism! She is 10 and it seems promising for her to progress to be baptized!

Friday and Saturday were service filled. Worked at the Hutchinson’s farm and dug corrogates... not fun hah. Hands got roughed up a bit and got my farmers tan now :) Then we helped out at Lori's Ceramics store with the Webb's! That was fun. Moving all the molds from the old store to the new one (they have thousands).

Some of our investigators got ahold of some Anti-Mormon stuff and now they aren't progressing... it is sad to see how converted they were and now they are faltering and doubting due to deceptions and lies that make us out to seem strange and incorrect. Also one of our investigators got nailed with just a huge trial in his life and he lost a lot of money that he desperately needed and he is blaming God now... It is tough to deal with these situations. But good things still are happening. 

I gave a talk in church Sunday. I was supposed to give a 5 minute talk, but one of the speakers didn't show up, so Elder Bunker was asked to share some things too and he took a minute so I ended up taking 15. The Spirit definitely guided my words cause I talked about things I never intended on sharing but turned out good and got a lot of compliments on it! I talked about Alma 17 and how even righteous people have trials and how we are to endure them. The focus was Enduring through Christ, not by ourselves. I wasn't given a specific topic, but was told to follow inspiration and pick my own. Funny thing was, the closing hymn was Be Still, My Soul. How fitting if you read the words it goes right along with my talk. Also touched on Elder Holland’s talk about "we must experience a glimpse of Gethsemane in our own lives to truly understand Christ’s Atonement" also shared about Abraham being called upon to sacrifice his son. Abraham is the only man who has a glimpse of what Heavenly Father felt when He gave His only Begotten Son. Other than the fact that Abraham never had to sacrifice his son, was an act of faith. We will be tried in tested on our weakest point, and that is when we come to know Christ, IF we endure it with him. Abraham despised sacrificing and killing humans. It was his one huge weakness and he was tried in that. Again all these things I never even planned on talking about and that is how I know that the Spirit is real and that the Lord will give us the things we need in the moments we need them. 

As I spoke on the Atonement and testified of it I felt the Spirit. I felt is so powerfully. Almost choked me up (that never ever happens. I WILL NOT CRY hah). It grew my own testimony of its truth. Even if no one gained anything from my talk, I felt the spirit and know that I gained something from testifying of Jesus Christ and His gospel. Love y'all and miss y'all.

-Elder Bean II

Church basketball court

Jones Soda collection

Doing service with Elder Van Leeuwen

About 1/5th of all the ceramic molds we moved for the Webbs

With the Webbs

Bunker, Risley, Bean

Monday, March 23, 2015

I Am Happy and Living My Mission to the Fullest

Things are going superb here in Buhl, ID! Transfers are next week and I really really hope I stay... 

Monday went caving with Kevin Brown and his friend Tyler. Was so fun! haha crazy road to get there though. His Jeep Wrangler even struggled on the path!

Had great time with the Webb's this week. They told us that we are family to them. Diara said that I am Janet's "Uncle Noah" haha. They had their baby blessed Sunday! Diara's dad did it and we got to stand in on it. Every time we went over there this week the Spirit felt good. But when we went last night it was just so much stronger and more pronounced. I think Janet getting blessed might of had something to do with that! Colten feels it too. He knows its there and he wants to get the priesthood and be sealed as a family.

During the week we had dinner with the Morgans. They are fun and their kids love us (Kolton is 12, Kylie is 10 and Kinzie is 8). By the end of the night we committed the kids to hug each other every day for the rest of the week. ahha it was so funny.(mainly Kinzie's idea) But by Sunday I could just tell they were happy and had love for each other.

Went to Temple on Friday and had a great feeling there. Was something I really needed. Then did exchanges with Elder Risley and we went to Jackpot, NV and had a ton of fun. At the Mathis's we laughed sooooo hard. He was choking and my side and lungs hurt so bad ahha. In the morning we studied in the car in the church parking lot just to change it up. Was actually really good. We went to Mike Kimball's house and had fun messing around and roping stuff with a lasso. After we unexchanged, Elder Bunker and I went sturgeon fishing with our investigator Mark! He is so awesome. Didn't catch anything but the line was only in the water for about 45 minutes and then we went to see other places. But had a great lesson with him on Faith! 

Things are going good and I am happy and living my mission to the fullest!!! I love this work and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know these things are true. I had a glimpse of what the celestial kingdom would feel like in the temple and I know that the gospel is the strait and narrow path back to our Father in Heaven. I know I am on the right path and striving everyday to 'become'. I don't want to look back with regrets or wishing I would of made the right decisions. Cause I am going to do what He wants me to do and make those right decisions. And when I fall I know there is always repentance through the Atonement of Jesus Christ who cleanses ALL who come unto him with a contrite heart and broken spirit. I love y'all.

-Elder Bean II

Twin Falls Idaho Temple

Exchanges with Elder Risley, Jackpot NV

Lasso practice

Sturgeon fishing with Mark

When you live in Idaho farm country....

Caving with Kevin Brown and Tyler

Monday, March 16, 2015

Everyone Wants to Feed Us

Good week!

On Pday we had lunch at the Carter's (family from my previous area) and then had game night with the Webb's!! It was great. 

The Webb's are still doing great. Colten was progressing towards baptism: found out he is already a member so problem solved! Now to get him to hold the priesthood and get their family to the temple! Colten's mom (Lori) is moving her ceramics store and we are helping them paint/move stuff/remodel the new place! It is a lot of fun and they really like us! (Lori is not active and Dave, her husband, isn't a member so it is a good opportunity) Janet, the baby, is doing awesome! She is awake and active a lot now.

Picked rock at the Hutchinson's farm this week!! Hah the joke is that it is "Rock Harvest season" right now. With the frost heaves during the winter, the rocks get pushed up so then they have to pick rock every year. Georgia was in Missouri for a week with her daughter who is living there, and she got home Thursday and gave me a huge hug when she saw me ahha. I really love the Hutchinson's and hope I don't leave Buhl for a while.

While walking around and semi-tracting we talked to this guy in a car on the side of the road (he called us over). He is an RM, not active now and he said he respects us a lot and wants to feed us!

Had 2 awesome successes with two families this week!! We went and saw the Binghams (haven't seen since Elder Bunker's first day in the mission) and they were way cool and invited us back for dinner! He is gonna grill up some meat for us. Then we have been trying to visit the Cleverlys for a while now and finally yesterday we caught them at home! She came and answered the door super nice and her husband wasn't home, but we talked with her out there and she said "no we don't want the discussions" so I quickly responded "We don't wanna give you the discussions and no one sent us to come see y'all, we have just heard how wonderful of a family y'all are and wanted to come by". Long story short she invited us back for dinner and to hang out too. :) haha Everyone wants to feed us for some reason. I don't mind at all!

Yesterday Arlin Nelson came to church! His wife, Jen, was speaking and she gave a good talk! It was good to see him come and we are set up to go over there this week and possibly teach!

Transfers are coming up on April 1st. I really hope I stay in Buhl for another 6 weeks if not more. I love it here and things are going so great. But I will go where the Lord wants me to go!

-Elder Bean II

Oh and on Wednesday we went to the Temple with the Youth from Deep Creek and two recent converts. It was such a good experience and the Spirit was there. Elder Bunker and I did confirmations (a lot of talking but more interactive than just witnessing) and something so cool happened: One of the names we confirmed was Richard Bean! haha I was like whatttt no way. It was Seneth's first time to the temple so Sis. Wright was definitely a proud momma. Seneth is her priesthood holder in the home since Dave is not a member. He is such a great guy though and in the right time it will all work out. The Wrights are one of my favorite families here.

Eating lunch at the Carter's on Pday

Playing games with the Webbs

I found a khaki suit at Deseret Industries for $20!!

Making chocolate chip cookies, we took some to the Webbs

My Zen Garden Tie

The Mystery Machine

Monday, March 9, 2015

Good Week - The Work Keeps Moving Forward

Good week!

On Pday we washed our car at Snake River Auto Body. (They let us use their facilities for free) and the guy and girl in there washing cars were way cool! We washed the whole inside, outside, windows, polished headlights, tires and rims, everything! (our car was looking super good for zone conference). Also they took us to the garage next to the washing one and there was a sick corvette in there! The engine had a ton of money in it and now the guy wants body work done on it. Needless to say this guy was way cool and gave us a quick ride in it :) Then went to the Garbett's that night for Chloe's birthday! She turned 9! 

The Webb's had their baby Tuesday at 3 am. Janet Dora Webb, 7 lbs 3 oz. We went to see them at 1 pm and that was way cool. They said we are like family to them. She has jondas? Idk how to spell it but it is something baby's get with their livers or something. So she wears this glowing uv thing on her back so she looks like a firefly :)

Had a good zone conference! President Curtis gave a lot of good counsel on the Atonement, the Law of Justice and Mercy, and Grace! I loved it. Sister Curtis also gave great counsel on sincere prayers! A lot of great things to implement into the work!

We are teaching this guy, Ace Stout. Really laid back, chill old guy and we got him to pray in front of us Saturday!!! 

The Lloyd's out in Castleford are way cool. Older couple, Ex-chefs, love us missionaries. They always compliment us so much on the messages we share so I always leave feeling good! Well guess what. They came to church Sunday! They are really inactive and never come, but they came! I was so happy to see them.

Set a baptism date with Colton Storey (13) for April 11th! He and his mom have a goal to go to the temple in May together!

This Wednesday we get to go to the temple with the Deep Creek ward since we have recent converts going for baptisms for the dead! I am excited!

Things are still going good. Camille/Al 's baptism is being pushed back tentatively for the 28th of March, but might go into April. There are complications with getting divorced from previous spouse and then getting married. 

Love and Miss y'all!!

-Elder Bean II

Zone Conference - Elder Openshaw and I

Elder Cardoza

With Elder Slavens one of my zone leaders, cool guy!

My other cool zone leader, Elder Brock.

Holding the Webb's new baby

Men in White