Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Rodney's Baptism!!!

Another good week!

#1 The number one highlight: Rodney's baptism! 86 years old and he shows that it is never too late to make the right decision! He had a lot of family come up on Saturday and support him (even his nonmember daughter and her family), and it was very spiritual and emotional. 

#2 We gave talks in church on Sunday and talked on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I was really bold with my talk lol. I basically taught about how the Atonement of Jesus Christ is for everyone not just for us individually. We have a sacred duty to share that message. WE have the fullness of the gospel and knowledge of it! Our Heavenly Father will place US in the path of those that are in need of the answers that we have! We must be willing to share that and give them the same opportunity, the same privilege and the same right to the blessings that flow from the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is no small thing, this is about the salvation of God's children!!

#3 Temple Trip
We went to the temple as a District last Tuesday. Had some neat experiences and found some answers. There was a couple there at the same time as us that are from Buhl! I talked with them afterwards and it was just cool to see someone from an old area. 

Sad part of the week: Gooding got stomped in the State game on Saturday. 55-22. Then on Sunday church was really empty, the joke going around was: Was everyone mourning the loss???. (even though it probably has something to do with Thanksgiving week).

We have some cool plans this week! We are doing a Hot Chocolate Stand on Thursday during an annual Thanksgiving Run that they do. 

Love y'all!

-Elder Bean

Rodney and his wife at his baptism!

We Witnessed a lot of Cool Things Happen This Week That I Will Not Forget Very Easily

It was a great week for us, other than it being very very cold. No snow in Gooding, but when we went to Fairfield we saw quite a bit!

#1 Teaching New Peeps

Picked up some new investigators and were able to teach in a members home and had a neat experience with that. It works so much better when members invite their friends to hear our message!

Other than that had some good experiences finding/teaching on our own. Had a visit with this guy, Gary, and the first time we met he wasn't interested and was content. Then the second time we met (yesterday) he said that we gave him some new things to think about and he is going to dig deep! Pretty cool to see the Spirit influence people!

#2 Rodney the Golden oldy!

Rod is super awesome. 86 years old and getting baptized on Nov. 21st at 3:00! A lot of his family will be there so it will be a cool thing to witness. His grandson (who is a return missionary) is going to baptize him!

# 3 Shotgun Shoot

We went to the Trap Shoot activity that the ward put on and had a good time with the members, less-actives, and non-members that came! (it was really tempting to shoot a couple, however we did not haha).

We witnessed a lot of cool things happen this week that I will not forget very easily! I love this area and the people. Part of me thinks this is my last transfer here, but everyone thinks I will stay. Idk I guess time will tell.  Also had the opportunity to exchange with Elder Gutierrez this week and he is brand new and straight from Mexico! His English is great though and he teaches really good in English! He is teaching me some Spanish too!

Love y'all!!

-Elder Bean :)

Elder Mastrocola, Me, Elder Gutierrez, Elder Sautter

With Elder Sautter

Pic from several weeks ago, I took it on Mayda's camera.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Despite the Hard Times and Rough Days, I Really Love the Mission

It was a good week. My companion, Elder Mastrocola is from Pennsylvania and he is pretty cool. We had some good things happen this week:

#1 Jennifer
One of our new investigators, she came to the primary program a couple weeks ago, and loved it. We taught her in a member’s home and the Spirit was very strong there. She is very sincere and has an amazing backstory. The Lord has definitely prepared her to receive the gospel. She has a husband and kids that we are going to start teaching too.

#2 Rodney

Still set for baptism on the 21st of November now. He is awesome! 86 and ready for the gospel haha.  His wife has such a sweet testimony and she always says it in the lessons!

#3 Exchanges

Elder Prosch came to Gooding with me and we went and contacted a lot of potentials and formers and have some good return appointments this week!

This week is going to be pretty busy with more exchanges and Zone Conference! 

Despite the hard times and rough days, I really love the mission. If I did not then I would not be here. I have just over 9 months left and I want to leave it all on the field! Give everything and not look back. I know how fast this time will go as it already has been. I love y'all!!

-Elder Bean

Elder Robertson and I at the Walkers carving pumpkins two weeks ago.

Rainy fall time!

Elder Prosch! Had exchanges on Friday with him.

Elder Mastrocola my new companion from Pennsylvania.