Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Goodbye Buhl, Hello Gooding!!

Hey Fam! I had a solid week.

Monday was way cool!! We went to a Bishop's house in Filer and his house was way sweet. Underground, full-size basketball court and above it off to the side was a game room that had like a press-box viewing window of the court. Had ping pong and pool too. We played a lot of basketball and ping pong!! Had a blast. Also went to the Hutchinson's for FHE and my going away dinner.

Tuesday we spent the whole day visiting people and saying goodbye. We were so busy from 12 to 9. Went and saw Wanda Fraser (Recent convert from December) and said goodbye, she said that I will always be special to her since I was there for her baptism. Made me feel really good about the service I am doing. Saw a lot of other families that I will miss a lot!

Wednesday was transfer meeting. Almost the whole mission was there due to all the changes that are happening in the mission. First day in Gooding was cool! Strange going to a new area and having to adjust and meet people. Haven't had to do that in almost 8 months haha. Elder Manygoats is pretty cool!! He is full Navajo Indian and from Arizona. 

Taught some sweet lessons and the work is good here in Gooding! Have 2-3 investigators close to baptism. We set a baptism date with one for July 25th! Her name is Tara Blunt, she is married to a member and they are a sweet family! haha their daughter, Deva, has the same birthday as me! June 9th lol. She also has red hair haha. Crazy! 

Went to Fairfield on Saturday and Sunday! The Ward Mission Leader up there is a cool guy. In his 20's and served a mission so he knows what’s up! The Ward mission Leader in Gooding is super good too. Does a solid job and makes ours a lot easier.  Fairfield is way cool though! Go look it up on a map and pictures!! It is so pretty and SO close to the mountains. It is in this sweet valley. Small town of like 500 but summers and weekends have a lot more vacationers up there. Actually there is really good potential up there, just have to work out logistics of going up there (takes a lot of time and miles so we get rides).

Sunday Elder Manygoats and I spoke in the Fairfield Branch on 'Spiritual Preparedness'. 25 people were there! hah it was tiny. But the people are humble and very nice.

Much Love!! 

-Elder Bean

Saying goodbyes, Morgan family

Bowman family

Wright family

At a firefighter BBQ for the community in Gooding,
the kids would catch the fish with their hands.

With my new companion, Elder Manygoats!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Transfer week! Heading to Gooding!!

So I am getting transferred out of Buhl to Gooding! I am excited. I have heard good things about that area so I am stoked to go there! 

Not much happened this week. A lot of our people we teach were either sick, out of town, or busy. It was hard to find stuff to do! 

Last Monday, Brady Workman and Kurt (Brian Schofield’s brother-in-law's) took us out to Shoshone Falls and Perrine Bridge! It was way fun.

Helped the Nelsons with some yard work, spraying weeds and stuff. It was fun ahha. 

It is hard to remember everything from the week and since it is a new transfer, I have a different planner so I can't look back on what we did. 

Wednesday we went out to the Hutchinson’s farm and Elder Mejia and Elder Moser burned ties for 6 months! (Crazy that this is my 8th transfer which means I am going to be halfway soon, 17 transfers in a mission!). 

Thursday we helped rip up shingles off a roof and it was so hot!! 94 degrees and being on the roof was brutal, but fun!

This weekend was good! Gave a talk in church yesterday on "Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet" by Jeffery R. Holland. I was Bro. Bowman's companion speaker. He talked on Fathers since it was Fathers day. At the end of the meeting, Bishop Hulse got up and spoke a little about me since transfers were this week and that he has appreciated me serving there! Everyone jokes that I am a Buhl resident ahha. I felt good knowing that my service has been appreciated and I am ready to take on my next area even though leaving Buhl will be tough.

Ate out at the Adams yesterday (the ones that live wayyy out in the Desert at the boundary of our area haha) like 30 minutes out in the desert! Then went to the Pehrsons, ended up giving Ellen a blessing since she has been sick this weekend. We are going to see them Tuesday night before I get transferred on Wednesday! I am going to miss them!!

I love y'all and miss y'all. Hope all is well and know that I am happy and doing well!!

-Elder Bean II

Shoshone Falls last P-day

Perrine Bridge

Hutchinson's farm, doing service

The trio is ending, being transferred to Gooding

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

19th Birthday and a Great Week!!

Had a way solid week and a great time

Hutchinsons threw a birthday dinner and cake on Monday and FHE! It was a great time. 

Tuesday was District Meeting!! It was awesome and then after we had district get together for my birthday and played some BANG and ate cake and ice cream!! Went to Buffalo Wild Wings with the Pehrsons, Andersons, and Howards and had a great night! Ate Asian Zing (sooo goood) and 5 of us tried the Mango Habenero (2 away from the Blazin/hottest sauce) it was HOT! But really good flavor and I liked it. Went to the Nelsons at night too for a little bit and just enjoyed time there!

Wednesday We had a full day! Did some service at the farm and that was fun. Then visited a couple families. Had a really solid visit with John and Flo Aguilar! We planned to teach Lesson 1, the Restoration. But John had a ton of questions and Flo asked some really good ones too. As we spoke and testified the spirit was strong there and at the end they smiled and John laughed and said, "sorry for the negativity in the questions, you guys need to commend yourselves because you did a great job of answering them". I know he felt the Spirit and it flipped a switch inside! We left feeling very satisfied how things went and they said to come back and share what we actually had prepared! 

Thursday night we had a lesson set up with Bernice and then she canceled last minute. Bro Higbee was going to come, but then couldn't and said he would pray for our success. So we decided to stop by Wes Pearsons house. He is less-active and I saw him and his family 6 months ago and haven't seen them since. They let us in! He said he remembered me too and then we had a great time with them. Then Wesley (11) and Wyatt (9), his sons, asked us "Are you going to teach us the lessons to be baptized?" and we said uh yeah sure! And Wesley said "we probably need them ahah". It was a neat experience and we have a lesson set up for Tuesday this week. 

Saturday was a good day! 
At 2 we had an appointment with Shay and Spencer Beatte (pronounced "Be At"). They have lived here since April and they came to church in the other ward last Sunday and the other missionaries got them in contact with us. We took the Pehrsons with us and it was great! They clicked so well together and it was like instant friendship. The Beatte's are awesome. In just that one visit I have grown to love them! Spencer is 27 and not a member, Shay is 25 and member, but never been really strong. They have an 8 year old, Faith, 5 year old, Lela, and 3 week old, Violet! We are teaching Faith for baptism and Spencer said he also wants to learn and see where the path leads. 

We ended up focusing mainly on Spencer (Faith left to play with little Paige) and it was great. The Spirit was so strong and words just flowed on topics I never expected to touch. I could just see in his eyes that he was feeling something and that inside he knew this was right. It was like he looked like he had found his home that he never knew existed. It touched me so deeply. Josh and Ellen were great in the lesson too. Had some really good things to say that brought in the spirit. 

The Pehrsons even are helping the Beatte's find a new place to rent and it is actually the home right next to the Pehrsons!! haha it is neat to see families connect instantly and already on a good start.

Sunday we went to the Wrights and ended up having a water fight in our white shirts and ties with Seneth and Isaac ahhaha. It was great though. Then had dinner with the Schofields! They invited their daughter Amy's family from Twin and the Webb's! It was fun. 

Things are going really good and I am loving it here. Also, yesterday in church we sat next to Bro. Howard (his wife was at home with the baby) and the Pehrsons! haha Paige kept coming to my and laying her head down on my leg ahha. She does that all the time and even did it in the lesson with the Beatte's lol. Ellen says that I am the fun uncle that she likes to go to :) It is cute and I am going to miss that family so much over the next year until I go back to see them!!

Also Bro. Bowman texted and asked if I would speak with him in Deep Creek ward again this week. So here I go again preparing another talk :) Sad that it might be my last Sunday here. We find out transfers next Monday!!

Anyways love y'all! 

-Elder Bean II

Went to the Sturgeon fish hatchery with the Loveless family after dinner.

South Zone

Love this barbershop! They always give us great haircuts.

With Paige Pehrson

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Solid Week With Our Investigators

Good week!! 

Helped Wanda last Monday with moving some stuff and then got to give her daughter’s baby a blessing and that was neat since she is not a member.

On Tuesday I used the rest of those ingredients to make some more cookies!! They were soooo good. Gave some to Elder Amezcua for his birthday and he liked them a ton. 

Had a really good lesson with Bernice and the Nebekers were there and we set a baptismal date for July 25th with her! She is really committed and when we saw her later in the week she had been reading in the Book of Mormon. 

Had Zone Meeting Friday on Christ-Like Attributes and it was good! Learned a lot. Went on exchanges that day too so we sent Elder Moser off and got Elder Cardon. That was an interesting day haha.

Saturday we went to Kamryn and Quincy Bowman's baptisms! They just turned 8 and they are funny little girls. They are twins and we have gotten to know their family well. It was fun cause then after we went to their house and they had a BBQ with a ton of family! Talked with one of their cousins who just got home 4 months ago from the Forth Worth, Texas Mission and he loved it there. He got engaged 2 weeks after he got home and is getting married this summer to a Sister he served around on his mission. Crazy hahaha. He was pretty cool though.

Went on visits with Bro Lloyd and some wild things happened. Ended up having to call the cops on someone because there was a crazy domestic dispute going on outside someone’s house. 

Had some good visits yesterday with people and had some investigators come to church! 

I am stoked for my birthday this week. The Garbetts were going to feed us tonight but they are doing it next week. We are having a party at the Hutchinsons tonight and then tomorrow the Pehrsons are taking us to Buffalo Wild Wings :))) I love the Pehrsons ahha. We sat next to them during sacrament and Paige (1 yr old daughter) kept coming to me and stuff. Ellen keeps saying that Paige has a crush on me haha. She is a little cutie! I am going to miss that family when I go.

Anyways I love y'all!

-Elder Bean II

Visiting the Nelsons

Cooking skills

Balance Rock for Pday

Monday, June 1, 2015

Zone Conference and Lots of Service Opportunities

Hey fam! It was a gooood week for the most part. A lot happened! I forgot to mention last week that we went to the Temple and it was great! I guess you figured that out from the pictures ;)

Went to the farm Wednesday and picked rock. I even drove the backhoe for quite a bit of the time and it was way fun. Had a really good talk with Jorden Hutchinson about a mission and stuff. I really want him to go and he is 18 but he doesn't know yet what he wants to do.

Thursday had Zone Conference (Twin Falls North Zone and South Zone combined) it was awesome cause I got to see some missionaries that I haven't seen for a while! It was way fun. It was from 9 to 3 and we really learned a lot. Training was mostly on Teaching in the Savior's Way and also received training on our thoughts and staying positive and eating healthy! I asked her about energy drinks and she said as long as they aren't addicting! 

Got a new family to teach! The lady, Bernice has a daughter and husband too but we only taught her this time. She wants to find spiritual peace and she has met with missionaries before in a different area. She is receptive and really nice and said her husband and daughter are semi-receptive too! 

Saturday was awesome! We went to the Binghams to help trench the yard and lay down pipe for the sprinkler system. It was hard work but fun. IT WAS HOT. in the 80-90 range. Also Justin Cleverly was there too and it was good to be around him again. Went to the Morgans at 4 for an activity. Elders Quorum was skeet shooting and they had barbeque too. We just ate the barbeque.... I wanted to shoot reallyyy bad butttt I chose to be obedient to the rules. 

Sunday was fun! I spoke in sacrament and it started out where Martha Hernandez, Alex Cordoba, Wanda Fraser (all recent converts) were going to speak and then Bro. Nebeker would speak at the end. But I ended up getting called to take Bro. Nebekers spot, and Martha and Alex couldn't come last minute. So Wanda gave her talk and it was beautiful! I loved hearing it and she has progressed so much! It means a lot to me because I was here 6 months ago for her baptism and I was a part of the teaching so it brings me joy to see her still active and progressing so much. She talked on how the gospel is an everyday gospel and not just a Sunday church. Her testimony had so much conviction and I felt it! Then I spoke after her and I spoke on my personal conversion and the blessings of the gospel. I am planning on copying the talk and mailing it to y'all! I spoke for about 15 minutes, trying to take up time and go with the spirit. I talked about a lot more than what my notes say and it turned out good! At least that is what people said, I didn't really remember what all I said haha. Then Bishop Hulse got up and talked for the remaining 5 or 10 minutes. 

This week and next are going to be great! We have a lot of cool things planned!!! :) 

Love y'all!!!

-Elder Bean II