Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas was Great!!

I don't know of much to say this week other than it was so great. Tuesday after District Meeting we went to the Spanish Elders house and wrapped a bunch of their stuff like it was presents and put it on their porch, so when they got home they thought they had presents from someone, but when they opened it, they just found their stuff haha. It was funny and they still don't know that we did it! They think it is the other Elders lol. Wednesday, Christmas Eve! I had a great time. Went to Bishop Hulse's house for dinner and games! We played pinball and shule, and other games. Then CHRISTMAS:)) In the morning we opened presents with the other Elders and then went to breakfast at a members house! Then we spent the whole day at the Schofield’s and then the Hutchinson’s!! It was awesome getting to Video Chat with y'all! I am excited for the New Year! 2015!! Crazy that Lofton comes home in July 2015! Coming fast. (2016 doesn't sound as far off now) anyways I love and miss y'all a ton. The snow here is great but I still miss Texas :)

-Elder Bean II

Higbee Family, Wanda, Elder Roth and Me

We're not burning something, it's a smoky flavor

Monday, December 22, 2014

Spirit of Christmas

Hey!!! Miss y'all :) Can't wait until Christmas to call home! So the week was great! Monday through Friday we delivered Secret Santa gifts (ding dong ditch style) to some of the empty nesters in the ward for our Relief Society President and then Saturday there was a reveal party for everyone to find out who delivered to them! That was a lot of fun. Tuesday was great! We helped out at Papa Kelsey's and decorated/did dishes and stuff (we go there everyday to help out if they are busy while we eat and stuff since they are so nice and give us discount or free sometimes). Wednesday and Thursday we went out to Tom's house and farm with Roland, Tyler, and Korby (Hutchinsons, Tyler is upper 20s and Korby is 21) and we helped clean up/do service all day on both days. It was fun cause it snowed so we threw snowballs and stuff haha. But there was a lot of heavy lifting involved! Farm equipment is not light! Saturday was Wanda's baptism!!! I loved it. It was so spiritual. The spirit was so strong and you could just feel it so full there and everyone felt it! I know it. My talk that I prepared on the Holy Ghost was not even a factor because when I got up to speak I didn't even use that talk! I just spoke whatever thoughts the Spirit prompted me with! It was great though and everyone said they loved it ( I saw tears ahha almost did myself too) President and Sister Curtis came and they said they loved my words! She commented on our sign we made about "He is the Gift" in Papa Kelsey's (I sent it to her) and she said they loved it! They are awesome. We went to the Wright's that night. (really cool, chill family. Sons are 12 and 10. They are fun kids ahha the Dad is non-member but really cool and the rest of the family is fully active. Then we went to deliver a secret Santa gift to a Part Member Family, the Larsens, and they loved it! We got in their house and shared a message and they are way nice and told us to come by often! She came to church the next day (he is the non-member and works a lot but he is from Texas so we got along great).  Sunday was awesome. We went to Mark's for lunch and he has so many questions about Joseph Smith and he said he is so drawn to our church for some reason! Went to the Schofield’s that night cause Brian and Caitlin came into town! She graduated on Friday from BYU-ID! Brian's sister Anna was there, with her family and they are really fun. Her oldest is 10 or 11 I think. I love the whole Schofield family! Anyways I am excited for this week and I love Christmas time. Go watch the Worlds Largest Nativity on the Piano Guys Youtube channel!! It is sooo good. Really brings in the spirit of Christmas!

-Elder Bean II

Wanda's baptism

Monday, December 15, 2014

So Many Christmas Parties!!

So I really had a fun week! I love Christmas season. Had great lesson with Wanda on Tuesday and read through Mosiah 18. It was a perfect chapter for what we were teaching! Also on Tuesday we made a super cool mural about He is the Gift in Papa Kelsey's!!! I will send pictures :) Wednesday we were on the farm with Roland a lot of the day helping out and that was a blast. Thursday we were in Twin Falls from 11 to 8 pm! We had a mission conference all day and Christmas devotional/talent show! That was really fun to go too. Elder Allen (our Area Seventy) came and spoke too it was great. Had so much fun with all the 160 missionaries there! Friday we worked at the Hurtado's ranch (they are cool family and are teaching me Espanol) and then we had the Clear Lakes ward party that night. It was "Evening in Bethlehem" theme and it was really great! Sis. Schofield dressed us up haha. Saturday we had the Deep Creek ward Christmas dinner party and we had like 30 nonmembers there!! Was really awesome. Sunday we had meetings from 7:30 to 3:00 including sacrament and stuff. (that is the fun of having 2 wards and a branch haha). We went to an investigators house after for lunch and stuff. His name is Mark, he is really cool guy to talk to! He is so interested in Joseph Smith and is really open to learning all he can. He asked us a ton of questions and we taught part of the first lesson with him and he liked what he heard! Then we had another awesome lesson with Wanda and set up her baptism program for this Saturday! I am excited for her and she wants me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost!! Yay :) I love preparing talks haha. We had the Stake Christmas Cantata last night and that was good! Then today we have the YSA branch Christmas party at 7! So as you can see I love this time of year! The parties are so great for getting to know the members better and to have less actives and nonmembers come! Anyways I am so excited for next Thursday! Love and miss y'all

-Elder Bean II

Monday, December 8, 2014

I Had a Great Week, and I Love Buhl!!

I had a really good week! hah Monday we were playing rugby and I got a busted lip but kept playing so that was fun (it's rugby what do you expect). It is mostly all healed up now though! Then we had FHE with the Hutchinsons. I love that family, they are fun and take care of us :) Tuesday we had District meeting and I gave a training on Faith and it was really good! I love the scripture in Alma 32 I think... verse 9. Talks about even if we just exercise a particle of faith and have the DESIRE to believe then that is all it takes. (I think I got the right scripture). Then Wednesday we got to go to the temple!! LOVED IT. That place is so spiritual and amazing. Really peaceful and it IS the house of the Lord. Thursday we hung out with Jax (12) and Stryder (10) and played football outside. They aren't members but we hang out and chat and stuff. Saturday was fun!! Went to help Bro. Hutchinson at the farm! Brought out the feed for the cows and stuff. I love working out there! Then went to stake conference! Elder Allen Webb of the Seventy came and he was great! Loved hearing him. Very spiritual evening! Sunday was just as spiritual for the last session of stake conference (Wanda came and she liked it!) then we ate lunch with the Schofields and helped them prepare gift bags for the ward party this weekend! Then we went out to Balanced Rock (its kinda cool) and ate dinner with the Adams family! They were fun and cool to be with but lived way far out. at 7 we had a lesson with Wanda at the Higby's! The spirit was so strong and I loved that lesson. She is an amazing lady and I love teaching her! The whole week we would go in to Papa Kelsey's and get free cinnamon rolls :))) Loved it. I had a great week and I love Buhl! Miss y'all!! See ya in 2 weeks (over video chat haha)

-Elder Bean II

Heading out for missionary work with Elder Roth

This cat adopted us

Put up the Christmas tree mom sent

Our Christmas decorations

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Loving Life in Buhl Idaho

So I love Buhl, ID!! Monday and Tuesday I said goodbye to a bunch of people and Wednesday was transfers! Elder Roth is my new companion! We cover two wards and a YSA (young single adult) branch here and there is another set of Elders that cover an English ward and the Spanish branch! They are way fun and we hang out a lot and do stuff together! Wednesday I went and saw the Schofields!! We went out to dinner with them and had an awesome time :) Thanksgiving was fun!! We had 3 dinners! I was so stuffed and it was soo goood. We got a ton of leftovers too! The Hutchenson's are a really chill member family here. We go over there and hangout/eat/teach and it is always fun there. Friday we drove to Twin for zone meeting (25 minute drive) and it was really good! We learned about the He Is The Gift initiative that the church started this month!! It is so awesome and on there is a sweet video! The church has put a lot into this too and we have 200 pass-along cards and committed to give out 10 a day until Christmas! (in three days we gave out 28 so we are doing good). Saturday we did a lot of area bookwork... it has been slacking in the past so we were trying to fill up as much as we could with what we knew. Elder Roth has only been in the area for 6 weeks so doesn't know much. Sunday was great! We went to two sacraments and the YSA Sunday school. Bishop Schofield had me introduced to the ward and had me come bare my testimony! It was fun :) We had lunch with a big family and ate thanksgiving leftovers :)) Got to see the Ashtons!!! Was so awesome :) Love them for coming to see me. Then we had an awesome lesson with Wanda! She is an amazing lady that has LDS parents and called the bishop to start taking the lessons! She is golden and is so nice to talk to. She has a 16 year old son, but he isn't interested right now. She and her son have gone through a lot but we set a baptismal date for the 20th of December!! I am so excited for her :) I love it here! I am so happy and loving the work! I love Christmas season!!!! Miss and Love y'all

-Elder Bean II   The link to the video "He Is The Gift"