Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Working on the Farm

This week was a lot of fun and super busy!

We did a lot of service at the farm with the Hutchinson’s! Tuesday and Wednesday we worked cows and had to gather them all up from in the trees and bring them up the hill into the corral with only 4 people... super hard and sorta scary when a big cow starts to run at you ;) but we did it! Then we also had to sort the pairs (the momma cows to their calves) so that we could brand and tag them. So Thursday we did the branding and stuff! hah that was fun wrestling the calves to the ground and pinning them. It was a lot of fun though and reminded me a lot of the trip to New Mexico when we had to do that. We also helped tear apart a roof and re-shingle it on Thursday! 

Tuesday we had dinner with the Cleverly's. They are so awesome! Inactive family with three kids. Their oldest, Zyon, is 16 and a pretty cool kid that loves sports. Basketball and golf mainly! We had a great time with them and they haven't had missionaries in their home since they went inactive I think. (years ago) It was just cool that they let us come.

Had good times with the Nelsons this week! Trevon's 3rd birthday was on Wednesday so we went to their house for that and Johanna, Sally and Bailey were there too. I really like that whole family! 

Met this guy, Roger Flowers, and he is a super interesting guy. Very knowledgeable about religion and has studied A LOT. Like he knows Hebrew language and original Hebrew texts and meanings. He found out Heavenly Fathers name, Elohim, through his own studying. He has the best foundation in Christ, but he doesn't like organized religion or 'doctrine'. He just has different understanding of that stuff but he opened up with us about a lot of things and we had a great lesson/conversation with him. He is open to learning more and he is home a lot so we might see ourselves there pretty frequently!

Saturday was prom night for Buhl and we ended up having dinner with the Nebeker family and the Kelsey's (Sis. Nebeker is a Kelsey). Morgan (their daughter who is a senior) was having dinner with her date and Papa and Mama Kelsey invited us to come eat too. haha it was actually a lot of fun. (it was at the Pasta Palace which is a nicer style restaurant that Papa K started right next to Papa Kelsey's pizza and subs, but they stopped running it and now use it for reservations and big groups. Had some awesome shrimp and bacon alfredo noodles! ).

It was a great week and had a lot of good experiences. I am sad that now I have 2 weeks until transfers which means I am most likely leaving Buhl. But hopefully the prayers of everyone here will keep me in Buhl ;) hah. I am just praying that I will be where I am supposed to be and that is all that matters! I love this area and I feel as if I have found family here. So many people that I have come to love and enjoy being around. I feel at home here! 

I love and miss y'all. My real family will always be my number 1 ;) for eternity!!!

-Elder Bean II

Trevon's birthday

Re-shingling the roof

Paige Pehrson

Josh Pehrson

Monday, April 20, 2015

I Love the People Here so Much!

Good week! A lot of fun things happened!

Still working with the Nelsons and having fun with them ahha. Boeden is so crazy and he is getting attached to me and Jen thinks it will break his heart when I leave... (Transfers are in 3 weeks so I am already counting down my time here). She got me a free haircut at her salon in Buhl :) They are so awesome. 

Thursday I got a sore throat and went to the pharmacy. Bro Higbee in the bishopric is the pharmacist and he hooked me up with some good stuff! It helped with the pain, but I ended up getting more sick on Friday and we didn't get to go do anything. But also on Thursday we went by the Bingham’s and they were grilling up some carne asada so they let us come in and eat some tacos with them! Super good too and they had a lot of family in town! They just had their 3rd boy 2 weeks ago! It was fun being there with them and he is a pretty cool guy. Went to the Wrights too and she made me tea, gave me a powerblend supplement with vitamins and made hot tang! (Tang orange juice that is hot ahah) So good and helped soothe my throat and sickness :)

This weekend was fun! Saw a lot of our teaching pool and picked up a new investigator. He is an old guy, but seems semi-interested. Also we are continuing to teach Ace. He is such a chill old guy and so laid back. He is reading in the Book of Mormon though! We are excited for him. He progresses ever so slowly on his own time though.

Well I love y'all and wish you a good week. I am really having a lot of fun and great time here. Loving the people so much. 

-Elder Bean II

My companion Elder Moser, this pic is from a couple weeks ago.

Last week when Arlin washed our car.

Beautiful Idaho!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Spirit Has Power to do Great Things in Our Hearts!

So good week! On pday I rolled my ankle but I got that all taken care of and by Wednesday I walked without any pain.

Tuesday we did some service for Bro. Lawrence and put up fence for his garden. Was actually pretty fun. Saw Johanna and Sally at Bailey's softball game! Just had a good time talking with them and actually might teach a lesson Wednesday. 

Wednesday We walked around in the drizzling rain for a bit. Went and saw Camille and found out some sad news. Al is gone and Camille is moving to Cali where her family is. I love them and sad to see them go. Watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration with the Webb's and they loved it.  Also later in the week watched the Testaments with them too and they loved that one also. Colten had to choke back tears which is funny cause he is a tough guy ahha. Spirit has power to do great things in our hearts! I felt the Spirit testify of truth to me so many times this week. Arlin Nelson washed our car for us ahha, and then we had a lesson with him and he really liked it! Also taught a girl named Lucy Cantrell (10) and set a baptism date for May 9th! It is a soft day so we will see. 

Thursday had interviews with President Curtis!! He is great and helped me out a ton with a lot of things. Then went to see a less-active lady, Alisa Phillips. Had a super great experience there. Talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and things like that. She said she believes completely in the LDS beliefs and knows it’s true, just had a problem with too much focus on Joseph Smith. (turned out that the year she felt that way, the church was focusing on church history so I can see how that could happen). But I felt the spirit really strong with her and she knows it’s true so we are going to work on getting her back to church! Stopped by the Cleverly's and actually set up a time to go over there on the 21st!!! It was good because they haven't had missionaries in years and told us they don't want the lessons but we just said we want to come over and they invited us for dinner!

Weekend was good. Went out to Castleford to visit some people and had good time out there. Sunday was really good and the testimonies really brought in the spirit! Good things are happening in Buhl! I truly love serving here!

-Elder Bean II

Enjoying family home evening at a members home

Elder Haws and Openshaw had my camera most of the week and took tons of pics

Monday, April 6, 2015

New Companion Elder Moser - Easter and General Conference

Good week! Monday went to Shoshone Falls for our last time as a zone together.

Tuesday we went to see a bunch of families for Elder Bunker to say his goodbyes. When we got to Castleford that night there was a fire and we saw their Volunteer Fire Department getting more water to put it out. 

Wednesday was transfers! Got Elder Moser and we went to see some people. Had dinner with Sis. Naegle and that was a lot of fun. Her husband was out of town so we went out to eat and then stayed outside her house and talked for a bit. They are fun and they lived in Louisiana for a couple years so she is going to make us some good southern food soon :) I am stoked. 

Picked some more rock at the Hutchinson's farm! Very bountiful harvest too :) Then the next day (Friday) we had Zone Meeting and it was really mellow and just felt kinda halfway done. But those two things combined led to me being super tired and drained for the rest of the day.

This weekend was awesome! General Conference was really good and it is cool that is happened on Easter this year! We went to the Schofield’s for all of the sessions except the Saturday afternoon one we went to the Canfields. We drove with the Schofield’s to the Priesthood session at the stake center. Really had such a fun weekend! The whole family was in town and I finally got to meet everyone and we had some good times there. Was good to be with Brian, Caitlin, and Sadie before they go to Houston in a week.

We didn't do a whole lot of teaching this week due to transfers and being busy with service, meetings, and general conference. But the lessons that we did get to teach were really good and the spirit was felt. 

I loved the talk's given this weekend and how they are applied to the Atonement and most of them talked about Spiritual > Temporal. I know that HE lives and Because He Lives, we can all Live again. Death has no sting, and the grave has no victory.... because of Jesus Christ. His Atonement that saves ALL who come to him with a willing and repentant heart.

I know that my Redeemer lives.

-Elder Bean II

Trail to Shoshone Falls, P-day

Bunker, Van Leeuwen, Risley, Bean

Castleford, filling up the water tank

New companion Elder Moser!

A couple weeks ago when we went to the temple