Monday, April 13, 2015

The Spirit Has Power to do Great Things in Our Hearts!

So good week! On pday I rolled my ankle but I got that all taken care of and by Wednesday I walked without any pain.

Tuesday we did some service for Bro. Lawrence and put up fence for his garden. Was actually pretty fun. Saw Johanna and Sally at Bailey's softball game! Just had a good time talking with them and actually might teach a lesson Wednesday. 

Wednesday We walked around in the drizzling rain for a bit. Went and saw Camille and found out some sad news. Al is gone and Camille is moving to Cali where her family is. I love them and sad to see them go. Watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration with the Webb's and they loved it.  Also later in the week watched the Testaments with them too and they loved that one also. Colten had to choke back tears which is funny cause he is a tough guy ahha. Spirit has power to do great things in our hearts! I felt the Spirit testify of truth to me so many times this week. Arlin Nelson washed our car for us ahha, and then we had a lesson with him and he really liked it! Also taught a girl named Lucy Cantrell (10) and set a baptism date for May 9th! It is a soft day so we will see. 

Thursday had interviews with President Curtis!! He is great and helped me out a ton with a lot of things. Then went to see a less-active lady, Alisa Phillips. Had a super great experience there. Talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and things like that. She said she believes completely in the LDS beliefs and knows it’s true, just had a problem with too much focus on Joseph Smith. (turned out that the year she felt that way, the church was focusing on church history so I can see how that could happen). But I felt the spirit really strong with her and she knows it’s true so we are going to work on getting her back to church! Stopped by the Cleverly's and actually set up a time to go over there on the 21st!!! It was good because they haven't had missionaries in years and told us they don't want the lessons but we just said we want to come over and they invited us for dinner!

Weekend was good. Went out to Castleford to visit some people and had good time out there. Sunday was really good and the testimonies really brought in the spirit! Good things are happening in Buhl! I truly love serving here!

-Elder Bean II

Enjoying family home evening at a members home

Elder Haws and Openshaw had my camera most of the week and took tons of pics

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