Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Working on the Farm

This week was a lot of fun and super busy!

We did a lot of service at the farm with the Hutchinson’s! Tuesday and Wednesday we worked cows and had to gather them all up from in the trees and bring them up the hill into the corral with only 4 people... super hard and sorta scary when a big cow starts to run at you ;) but we did it! Then we also had to sort the pairs (the momma cows to their calves) so that we could brand and tag them. So Thursday we did the branding and stuff! hah that was fun wrestling the calves to the ground and pinning them. It was a lot of fun though and reminded me a lot of the trip to New Mexico when we had to do that. We also helped tear apart a roof and re-shingle it on Thursday! 

Tuesday we had dinner with the Cleverly's. They are so awesome! Inactive family with three kids. Their oldest, Zyon, is 16 and a pretty cool kid that loves sports. Basketball and golf mainly! We had a great time with them and they haven't had missionaries in their home since they went inactive I think. (years ago) It was just cool that they let us come.

Had good times with the Nelsons this week! Trevon's 3rd birthday was on Wednesday so we went to their house for that and Johanna, Sally and Bailey were there too. I really like that whole family! 

Met this guy, Roger Flowers, and he is a super interesting guy. Very knowledgeable about religion and has studied A LOT. Like he knows Hebrew language and original Hebrew texts and meanings. He found out Heavenly Fathers name, Elohim, through his own studying. He has the best foundation in Christ, but he doesn't like organized religion or 'doctrine'. He just has different understanding of that stuff but he opened up with us about a lot of things and we had a great lesson/conversation with him. He is open to learning more and he is home a lot so we might see ourselves there pretty frequently!

Saturday was prom night for Buhl and we ended up having dinner with the Nebeker family and the Kelsey's (Sis. Nebeker is a Kelsey). Morgan (their daughter who is a senior) was having dinner with her date and Papa and Mama Kelsey invited us to come eat too. haha it was actually a lot of fun. (it was at the Pasta Palace which is a nicer style restaurant that Papa K started right next to Papa Kelsey's pizza and subs, but they stopped running it and now use it for reservations and big groups. Had some awesome shrimp and bacon alfredo noodles! ).

It was a great week and had a lot of good experiences. I am sad that now I have 2 weeks until transfers which means I am most likely leaving Buhl. But hopefully the prayers of everyone here will keep me in Buhl ;) hah. I am just praying that I will be where I am supposed to be and that is all that matters! I love this area and I feel as if I have found family here. So many people that I have come to love and enjoy being around. I feel at home here! 

I love and miss y'all. My real family will always be my number 1 ;) for eternity!!!

-Elder Bean II

Trevon's birthday

Re-shingling the roof

Paige Pehrson

Josh Pehrson

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