Monday, April 20, 2015

I Love the People Here so Much!

Good week! A lot of fun things happened!

Still working with the Nelsons and having fun with them ahha. Boeden is so crazy and he is getting attached to me and Jen thinks it will break his heart when I leave... (Transfers are in 3 weeks so I am already counting down my time here). She got me a free haircut at her salon in Buhl :) They are so awesome. 

Thursday I got a sore throat and went to the pharmacy. Bro Higbee in the bishopric is the pharmacist and he hooked me up with some good stuff! It helped with the pain, but I ended up getting more sick on Friday and we didn't get to go do anything. But also on Thursday we went by the Bingham’s and they were grilling up some carne asada so they let us come in and eat some tacos with them! Super good too and they had a lot of family in town! They just had their 3rd boy 2 weeks ago! It was fun being there with them and he is a pretty cool guy. Went to the Wrights too and she made me tea, gave me a powerblend supplement with vitamins and made hot tang! (Tang orange juice that is hot ahah) So good and helped soothe my throat and sickness :)

This weekend was fun! Saw a lot of our teaching pool and picked up a new investigator. He is an old guy, but seems semi-interested. Also we are continuing to teach Ace. He is such a chill old guy and so laid back. He is reading in the Book of Mormon though! We are excited for him. He progresses ever so slowly on his own time though.

Well I love y'all and wish you a good week. I am really having a lot of fun and great time here. Loving the people so much. 

-Elder Bean II

My companion Elder Moser, this pic is from a couple weeks ago.

Last week when Arlin washed our car.

Beautiful Idaho!!

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