Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :)

It was a good week here in Twin Falls!

#1 Aki the Eritrean

He is doing awesome! 90% free from his addictions, and came to church! In one of the lessons he would read the pamphlet the day before, and then teach us the lesson. It was super powerful because he would use scriptures that weren't even in the pamphlets, and he would describe everything as if he has known it all his life. It is especially cool because his English is not great, but it is pretty good! The Spirit works in awesome ways!!

#2 Finding!

Had some good success, found 5 new investigators. 2 said they are going to think about baptism and taking that step in life! We even had a cool experience where it was 8:50 pm (curfew is 9:00) and we decided to just go try one more door and we were able to set up a return appointment!

It is kinda cool the diversity of people we teach: Eritrean's, Iraqi's, Sudan's, and American (whatever that means haha). 


It was super great! I sang two different musical numbers. One of them was a mission parody of "Sleigh Ride" and the other was 'Noche de Luz" (Silent night in Spanish). No I did not do a solo ahhaha, but sang in two different groups! It was nerve wracking, but a ton of fun and I loved it.

 Also Kevin Curtis, ex-NFL player, and played for Utah State in college, came and spoke to us. He is our mission president's nephew and he has a cool story. His football career in high school has a lot of similarity to mine! He was pretty inspiring. 

Hope this Christmas is a good one for all y'all! Never forget the true meaning of Christmas, #ASaviorIsBorn!

-Love, Elder Bean

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Twin Falls 10th Ward with Elder Leon from Peru

It was a super good week here in Idaho! 

Monday and Tuesday were spent saying my goodbyes in Gooding! 

Wednesday was transfers and I am now in Twin Falls 10th ward with Elder Leon from Peru. He goes home in a month, so this is his last transfer! He is awesome though, and he is teaching me some Espanol! :) 

Highlights from the week:

#1 Today while at Chick-Fil-A, I saw the Pehrsons!! One of my favorite families I have met out here! They walked in to Chick-Fil-A and I was so shocked to see them, it felt unreal lol. It was crazy when they said how they both just felt like they should go to Chick-Fil-A! It was meant to happen for sure. I love them and have been missing them a lot! 

#2 We are teaching an Eritrean refugee who we call "Aki". (not his real name) Eritrea is a country in Africa. His English is pretty good but we just have to use very simple phrases. He actually understands a lot, but it is hard for him to speak it. He wants to be baptized so bad! We set a date for Dec. 25th, and he has some addictions to overcome but he has been clean the past 4 days!

#3 Stake Nativity Viewing and Christmas Musical Program!

They had over 300 nativities from different countries, and then had a SUPER good musical program with the Stake Choir and Orchestra! It was like a mini Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was so good and there were a lot of people from the community there! I got to see some people from my first area, which was awesome! Harry and Jackie Tietjen (converts while I was there) are doing great! Harry plans on serving a mission in 2016 and Jackie is overcoming things to prepare for the temple!

Much Love y'all!!

-Elder Bean

The Nebekers

Patton family

Hatfield family

With Elder Leon at the Stake Christmas activity

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Transfers - Leaving Gooding going to Twin Falls South 10th Ward

So I am leaving Gooding and going to Twin Falls South 10th ward! I am pretty sad to leave, especially because Lexi's baptism is this Saturday, but I am also excited for the 10th ward because it shares the building with the 24th ward, which was my first area! My companion is Elder Leon from Peru!! He is an awesome missionary.

Had a lot of good things happen this week! #1 it warmed up to 30s-40s! Definitely a positive thing compared to -18 degree weather the week prior. 

Finding more people and our investigators are progressing well! The District is doing awesome. We have had a baptism every week for the past 3 weeks and if it continues how it should, then they will have one every week clear into January! Melodi was baptized on Saturday and she has been investigating for a long time. She was waiting on her husband to be ready, but he never is so she went ahead and did it! Her husband said that her baptism makes him want to be baptized now and to do the right thing! The Power of leading by example and doing what is right!!!!

I am going to miss the people of Gooding and I am for sure coming back here to visit and spend some more time here. 

Love this gospel! Love the Spirit that helps guide us to the truth and greater peace and joy!! Love my Savior! His birth is so important and all that he did for us. He truly makes it possible for us to be reconciled to God and to return to true joy, to turn away from sorrow and shame, and to find everlasting light and love!! This is the glad message I get to share everyday and I wouldn't change where I am for anything. 

Love y'all,

Elder Bean

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving - Snow!!

Good week!

Monday we went caving with Bro. Scott! He is our Ward Mission Leader in 2nd ward and he is super awesome. The caves were fun too!

Highlights from the week:

#1 This one family we are teaching for a while is finally progressing! Bob and Joanne! Had two good lessons with them. We brought Alex, 17 year old young man, with us to one of the lessons and he shared an experience with them and the spirit was super strong! This was the first time that she outwardly showed that she was feeling the spirit! 

#2 Thanksgiving!

Had some investigators come to a Thanksgiving meal that our ward mission leader put on! Had good thanksgiving meals with a couple different families! Overall good day. It snowed a ton on Wednesday and Thursday so we went around and shoveled people's driveways. BY THE WAY it was -18 yesterday morning before church!!! Yeah I was freezing cold this week!!

#3 Baptisms!

We had multiple baptisms in the stake this week and they were great! One was a 93 year old lady:) that one was the sweetest of them all!  Also we were able to set a baptism date with Lexi for December 12th! 


Watch the videos and share it on your social media! Spread it around to everyone and DISCOVER WHY a Savior was born for everyone of us!!!

Love y'all!!
-Elder Bean

Thanksgiving snow fun!