Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :)

It was a good week here in Twin Falls!

#1 Aki the Eritrean

He is doing awesome! 90% free from his addictions, and came to church! In one of the lessons he would read the pamphlet the day before, and then teach us the lesson. It was super powerful because he would use scriptures that weren't even in the pamphlets, and he would describe everything as if he has known it all his life. It is especially cool because his English is not great, but it is pretty good! The Spirit works in awesome ways!!

#2 Finding!

Had some good success, found 5 new investigators. 2 said they are going to think about baptism and taking that step in life! We even had a cool experience where it was 8:50 pm (curfew is 9:00) and we decided to just go try one more door and we were able to set up a return appointment!

It is kinda cool the diversity of people we teach: Eritrean's, Iraqi's, Sudan's, and American (whatever that means haha). 


It was super great! I sang two different musical numbers. One of them was a mission parody of "Sleigh Ride" and the other was 'Noche de Luz" (Silent night in Spanish). No I did not do a solo ahhaha, but sang in two different groups! It was nerve wracking, but a ton of fun and I loved it.

 Also Kevin Curtis, ex-NFL player, and played for Utah State in college, came and spoke to us. He is our mission president's nephew and he has a cool story. His football career in high school has a lot of similarity to mine! He was pretty inspiring. 

Hope this Christmas is a good one for all y'all! Never forget the true meaning of Christmas, #ASaviorIsBorn!

-Love, Elder Bean

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