Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving - Snow!!

Good week!

Monday we went caving with Bro. Scott! He is our Ward Mission Leader in 2nd ward and he is super awesome. The caves were fun too!

Highlights from the week:

#1 This one family we are teaching for a while is finally progressing! Bob and Joanne! Had two good lessons with them. We brought Alex, 17 year old young man, with us to one of the lessons and he shared an experience with them and the spirit was super strong! This was the first time that she outwardly showed that she was feeling the spirit! 

#2 Thanksgiving!

Had some investigators come to a Thanksgiving meal that our ward mission leader put on! Had good thanksgiving meals with a couple different families! Overall good day. It snowed a ton on Wednesday and Thursday so we went around and shoveled people's driveways. BY THE WAY it was -18 yesterday morning before church!!! Yeah I was freezing cold this week!!

#3 Baptisms!

We had multiple baptisms in the stake this week and they were great! One was a 93 year old lady:) that one was the sweetest of them all!  Also we were able to set a baptism date with Lexi for December 12th! 


Watch the videos and share it on your social media! Spread it around to everyone and DISCOVER WHY a Savior was born for everyone of us!!!

Love y'all!!
-Elder Bean

Thanksgiving snow fun!

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