Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Rodney's Baptism!!!

Another good week!

#1 The number one highlight: Rodney's baptism! 86 years old and he shows that it is never too late to make the right decision! He had a lot of family come up on Saturday and support him (even his nonmember daughter and her family), and it was very spiritual and emotional. 

#2 We gave talks in church on Sunday and talked on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I was really bold with my talk lol. I basically taught about how the Atonement of Jesus Christ is for everyone not just for us individually. We have a sacred duty to share that message. WE have the fullness of the gospel and knowledge of it! Our Heavenly Father will place US in the path of those that are in need of the answers that we have! We must be willing to share that and give them the same opportunity, the same privilege and the same right to the blessings that flow from the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is no small thing, this is about the salvation of God's children!!

#3 Temple Trip
We went to the temple as a District last Tuesday. Had some neat experiences and found some answers. There was a couple there at the same time as us that are from Buhl! I talked with them afterwards and it was just cool to see someone from an old area. 

Sad part of the week: Gooding got stomped in the State game on Saturday. 55-22. Then on Sunday church was really empty, the joke going around was: Was everyone mourning the loss???. (even though it probably has something to do with Thanksgiving week).

We have some cool plans this week! We are doing a Hot Chocolate Stand on Thursday during an annual Thanksgiving Run that they do. 

Love y'all!

-Elder Bean

Rodney and his wife at his baptism!

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