Monday, June 27, 2016

The Land of Happiness

Soo hence the title; people actually call this place the land of happiness. And I know why: Beautiful mountains, scenic drives, lots of trees, great lakes, and plenty more. The cost of living is pretty high here which sets it apart from the rest of Idaho. To best describe it, it is like mini-California! (Cade and I get to be in the same place after all haha)

I really love this place already and sweet is the work here!

We had such a bomb lesson with Justin/Janelle on Monday. We were super bold and just told them how much we loved their family and then invited them to progress in the gospel. We ended up having a great discussion and the relationship we have built is really good! This is a family that I know I have made an impact on. Not just because they have said it, but because I can see it!

Soo after being in Carey, I started to miss people. In a town of 800 you meet or hear about everyone pretty quick. Moving up here has just confirmed that I really was missing people! We went tracting many times and it was a breath of fresh air to just knock on some doors and proclaim the gospel! I love the gospel and the Savior greatly. I feel myself draw nearer to Him each day, and I know He lifts me and helps me all the time.

One of the greatest things I have learned on my mission is LOVE! Love from the Savior to all of us, and the ability to feel that same love for others. It is amazing to be able to look at people and love them no matter what. Because that is what the Savior would do.

Love y'all,

Elder Bean

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Moving to Bellevue, ID!

Hey! just another solid week in the ITFM :) soon to be IBM next week!

Transfers are this week! I am staying in Carey, but we are picking up 3 more wards. Hailey 1 & 2, and Sun Valley wards. We now cover the towns of Carey, Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley! My new companion is going to be Elder Bunker.. again! I served with him over a year and half ago. It will be great, Sun Valley especially is a big tourist spot. It will be neat to see what goes on this summer up there!

Next Tuesday our new mission president, President Bartlett comes into the mission! Sad to see President Curtis go. Him and his wife have been so great and like family to me.

We had a good exchange this week, and I actually went to Sun Valley for that! Got to know the area a little bit ahead of time haha. 

We had sweet lesson with a family this week and their niece was in town! She blew me away with how composed and mature she was for 14! She wants to be baptized, but lives in Twin with her grandparents who are not members. She said she is waiting to get baptized when she can actually fulfill the commitment and come to church every week and stick with it. That was way shocking to hear how well she understood that being baptized really is a commitment to follow the Savior in all ways. She taught me a lesson of how there are great and chosen youth that have things figured out, and that I can be a lot better at understanding what I am really committed to.

Overall great week and had great experiences! 

Love y'all,

Elder Bean

The exchange in Sun Valley, Elder Aamodt, Elder Bunker, Elder Wihongi, Me.

OH yeah we don't cover Richfield anymore unfortunately.
This is one of the Telford families from Richfield!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Run in with a Snake!!

Had such a great week here and it was full of joy!

Started the week with a hot dog roast up Road Canyon for Pday! It was all great other than the close run in I had with the rattlesnake :) Luckily I was not bit. 

That night we had a great lesson with Justin / Janelle and the Spirit was really strong as we taught the Restoration. We left them with a commitment to read the BofM and they accepted. We have developed a good relationship with them and they are neat family. I just look at their family and know how much this gospel will bless them if they accept and live it. Sometimes my heart breaks because I want these people to be so happy in the gospel and they don't see it that way. I hope that Justin can really help his family take the steps they need to.

Tuesday I went up to Salmon to be with Elder Edmonds and Reamer for an exchange. It was cool to serve with Elder Edmonds for the day since we were companions almost a year ago. Had a great time up there! It is a very beautiful spot in the mountains and the people were great. It will probably be the last time up there since that area will be going to the Idaho Falls mission in July.

Friday we helped this nonmember family set up for their out of school water party they were throwing! It was fun to help and we stayed at the party for a little bit. There were many kids there that we knew (pretty much all of them actually) and when they found out that we were there they soaked us with water guns! Haha it was great though. The family that we helped is so awesome. I really want them to just accept the gospel and we are going to meet with them this week! 

Yesterday Elder Driscoll of the Seventy (Area authority) came to Richfield with our mission president and it was a great meeting. Heard them both speak three times and learned some great things. Elder Driscoll was very down to earth and spoke a lot about obedience to what the Lord asks of us! Had my last interview with my mission president, President Curtis. It was great and I am going to miss him a lot! He goes home at the end of the month. He is a great man that loves the Lord and he definitely loves his missionaries. I have a close bond with him and I feel and see his great love.

Overall a great week! Found some promising potentials in Picabo that we will work with this week as well.

Love y'all! See ya soon

Elder Bean :)

The rattlesnake, dead but was coiled and ready to strike! 

Loving the people in Carey!

Hello from Carey, ID! It was an awesome week with some great weather. Got up into the 90's and that felt good! 

It was a busy week in Carey with graduation and we made it to some of the celebrations. We got in with a lot of new families and we have appointments this week with them! Gosh I just love the people here. Almost every day Elder Wihongi and I get back to the apartment with big smiles because of how great the people are here.

We taught those people from Spain this week! They leave on Wednesday so we don't have another appointment. We answered some questions and the girl said that she understands what we taught, but isn't sure if she is ready at the time because she doesn't fully feel that God is real. We left her with a Book of Mormon and she committed to meet with missionaries when they get back to Spain!

Looking forward to another busy week! My last interview with President Curtis is this week. I love that man. He has taught me so much and we have a good bond. It is sad to see the Curtis' finish their mission, but they have done so much good here in Idaho. He is a legend as the only mission president in the ITFM! 

Love y'all and see y'all soon! :)

-Elder Bean

The very last Carey Zone meeting ever to be held!