Monday, June 27, 2016

The Land of Happiness

Soo hence the title; people actually call this place the land of happiness. And I know why: Beautiful mountains, scenic drives, lots of trees, great lakes, and plenty more. The cost of living is pretty high here which sets it apart from the rest of Idaho. To best describe it, it is like mini-California! (Cade and I get to be in the same place after all haha)

I really love this place already and sweet is the work here!

We had such a bomb lesson with Justin/Janelle on Monday. We were super bold and just told them how much we loved their family and then invited them to progress in the gospel. We ended up having a great discussion and the relationship we have built is really good! This is a family that I know I have made an impact on. Not just because they have said it, but because I can see it!

Soo after being in Carey, I started to miss people. In a town of 800 you meet or hear about everyone pretty quick. Moving up here has just confirmed that I really was missing people! We went tracting many times and it was a breath of fresh air to just knock on some doors and proclaim the gospel! I love the gospel and the Savior greatly. I feel myself draw nearer to Him each day, and I know He lifts me and helps me all the time.

One of the greatest things I have learned on my mission is LOVE! Love from the Savior to all of us, and the ability to feel that same love for others. It is amazing to be able to look at people and love them no matter what. Because that is what the Savior would do.

Love y'all,

Elder Bean

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