Monday, December 8, 2014

I Had a Great Week, and I Love Buhl!!

I had a really good week! hah Monday we were playing rugby and I got a busted lip but kept playing so that was fun (it's rugby what do you expect). It is mostly all healed up now though! Then we had FHE with the Hutchinsons. I love that family, they are fun and take care of us :) Tuesday we had District meeting and I gave a training on Faith and it was really good! I love the scripture in Alma 32 I think... verse 9. Talks about even if we just exercise a particle of faith and have the DESIRE to believe then that is all it takes. (I think I got the right scripture). Then Wednesday we got to go to the temple!! LOVED IT. That place is so spiritual and amazing. Really peaceful and it IS the house of the Lord. Thursday we hung out with Jax (12) and Stryder (10) and played football outside. They aren't members but we hang out and chat and stuff. Saturday was fun!! Went to help Bro. Hutchinson at the farm! Brought out the feed for the cows and stuff. I love working out there! Then went to stake conference! Elder Allen Webb of the Seventy came and he was great! Loved hearing him. Very spiritual evening! Sunday was just as spiritual for the last session of stake conference (Wanda came and she liked it!) then we ate lunch with the Schofields and helped them prepare gift bags for the ward party this weekend! Then we went out to Balanced Rock (its kinda cool) and ate dinner with the Adams family! They were fun and cool to be with but lived way far out. at 7 we had a lesson with Wanda at the Higby's! The spirit was so strong and I loved that lesson. She is an amazing lady and I love teaching her! The whole week we would go in to Papa Kelsey's and get free cinnamon rolls :))) Loved it. I had a great week and I love Buhl! Miss y'all!! See ya in 2 weeks (over video chat haha)

-Elder Bean II

Heading out for missionary work with Elder Roth

This cat adopted us

Put up the Christmas tree mom sent

Our Christmas decorations

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