Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas was Great!!

I don't know of much to say this week other than it was so great. Tuesday after District Meeting we went to the Spanish Elders house and wrapped a bunch of their stuff like it was presents and put it on their porch, so when they got home they thought they had presents from someone, but when they opened it, they just found their stuff haha. It was funny and they still don't know that we did it! They think it is the other Elders lol. Wednesday, Christmas Eve! I had a great time. Went to Bishop Hulse's house for dinner and games! We played pinball and shule, and other games. Then CHRISTMAS:)) In the morning we opened presents with the other Elders and then went to breakfast at a members house! Then we spent the whole day at the Schofield’s and then the Hutchinson’s!! It was awesome getting to Video Chat with y'all! I am excited for the New Year! 2015!! Crazy that Lofton comes home in July 2015! Coming fast. (2016 doesn't sound as far off now) anyways I love and miss y'all a ton. The snow here is great but I still miss Texas :)

-Elder Bean II

Higbee Family, Wanda, Elder Roth and Me

We're not burning something, it's a smoky flavor

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