Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Transfer week! Heading to Gooding!!

So I am getting transferred out of Buhl to Gooding! I am excited. I have heard good things about that area so I am stoked to go there! 

Not much happened this week. A lot of our people we teach were either sick, out of town, or busy. It was hard to find stuff to do! 

Last Monday, Brady Workman and Kurt (Brian Schofield’s brother-in-law's) took us out to Shoshone Falls and Perrine Bridge! It was way fun.

Helped the Nelsons with some yard work, spraying weeds and stuff. It was fun ahha. 

It is hard to remember everything from the week and since it is a new transfer, I have a different planner so I can't look back on what we did. 

Wednesday we went out to the Hutchinson’s farm and Elder Mejia and Elder Moser burned ties for 6 months! (Crazy that this is my 8th transfer which means I am going to be halfway soon, 17 transfers in a mission!). 

Thursday we helped rip up shingles off a roof and it was so hot!! 94 degrees and being on the roof was brutal, but fun!

This weekend was good! Gave a talk in church yesterday on "Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet" by Jeffery R. Holland. I was Bro. Bowman's companion speaker. He talked on Fathers since it was Fathers day. At the end of the meeting, Bishop Hulse got up and spoke a little about me since transfers were this week and that he has appreciated me serving there! Everyone jokes that I am a Buhl resident ahha. I felt good knowing that my service has been appreciated and I am ready to take on my next area even though leaving Buhl will be tough.

Ate out at the Adams yesterday (the ones that live wayyy out in the Desert at the boundary of our area haha) like 30 minutes out in the desert! Then went to the Pehrsons, ended up giving Ellen a blessing since she has been sick this weekend. We are going to see them Tuesday night before I get transferred on Wednesday! I am going to miss them!!

I love y'all and miss y'all. Hope all is well and know that I am happy and doing well!!

-Elder Bean II

Shoshone Falls last P-day

Perrine Bridge

Hutchinson's farm, doing service

The trio is ending, being transferred to Gooding

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