Monday, June 1, 2015

Zone Conference and Lots of Service Opportunities

Hey fam! It was a gooood week for the most part. A lot happened! I forgot to mention last week that we went to the Temple and it was great! I guess you figured that out from the pictures ;)

Went to the farm Wednesday and picked rock. I even drove the backhoe for quite a bit of the time and it was way fun. Had a really good talk with Jorden Hutchinson about a mission and stuff. I really want him to go and he is 18 but he doesn't know yet what he wants to do.

Thursday had Zone Conference (Twin Falls North Zone and South Zone combined) it was awesome cause I got to see some missionaries that I haven't seen for a while! It was way fun. It was from 9 to 3 and we really learned a lot. Training was mostly on Teaching in the Savior's Way and also received training on our thoughts and staying positive and eating healthy! I asked her about energy drinks and she said as long as they aren't addicting! 

Got a new family to teach! The lady, Bernice has a daughter and husband too but we only taught her this time. She wants to find spiritual peace and she has met with missionaries before in a different area. She is receptive and really nice and said her husband and daughter are semi-receptive too! 

Saturday was awesome! We went to the Binghams to help trench the yard and lay down pipe for the sprinkler system. It was hard work but fun. IT WAS HOT. in the 80-90 range. Also Justin Cleverly was there too and it was good to be around him again. Went to the Morgans at 4 for an activity. Elders Quorum was skeet shooting and they had barbeque too. We just ate the barbeque.... I wanted to shoot reallyyy bad butttt I chose to be obedient to the rules. 

Sunday was fun! I spoke in sacrament and it started out where Martha Hernandez, Alex Cordoba, Wanda Fraser (all recent converts) were going to speak and then Bro. Nebeker would speak at the end. But I ended up getting called to take Bro. Nebekers spot, and Martha and Alex couldn't come last minute. So Wanda gave her talk and it was beautiful! I loved hearing it and she has progressed so much! It means a lot to me because I was here 6 months ago for her baptism and I was a part of the teaching so it brings me joy to see her still active and progressing so much. She talked on how the gospel is an everyday gospel and not just a Sunday church. Her testimony had so much conviction and I felt it! Then I spoke after her and I spoke on my personal conversion and the blessings of the gospel. I am planning on copying the talk and mailing it to y'all! I spoke for about 15 minutes, trying to take up time and go with the spirit. I talked about a lot more than what my notes say and it turned out good! At least that is what people said, I didn't really remember what all I said haha. Then Bishop Hulse got up and talked for the remaining 5 or 10 minutes. 

This week and next are going to be great! We have a lot of cool things planned!!! :) 

Love y'all!!!

-Elder Bean II

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