Tuesday, June 16, 2015

19th Birthday and a Great Week!!

Had a way solid week and a great time

Hutchinsons threw a birthday dinner and cake on Monday and FHE! It was a great time. 

Tuesday was District Meeting!! It was awesome and then after we had district get together for my birthday and played some BANG and ate cake and ice cream!! Went to Buffalo Wild Wings with the Pehrsons, Andersons, and Howards and had a great night! Ate Asian Zing (sooo goood) and 5 of us tried the Mango Habenero (2 away from the Blazin/hottest sauce) it was HOT! But really good flavor and I liked it. Went to the Nelsons at night too for a little bit and just enjoyed time there!

Wednesday We had a full day! Did some service at the farm and that was fun. Then visited a couple families. Had a really solid visit with John and Flo Aguilar! We planned to teach Lesson 1, the Restoration. But John had a ton of questions and Flo asked some really good ones too. As we spoke and testified the spirit was strong there and at the end they smiled and John laughed and said, "sorry for the negativity in the questions, you guys need to commend yourselves because you did a great job of answering them". I know he felt the Spirit and it flipped a switch inside! We left feeling very satisfied how things went and they said to come back and share what we actually had prepared! 

Thursday night we had a lesson set up with Bernice and then she canceled last minute. Bro Higbee was going to come, but then couldn't and said he would pray for our success. So we decided to stop by Wes Pearsons house. He is less-active and I saw him and his family 6 months ago and haven't seen them since. They let us in! He said he remembered me too and then we had a great time with them. Then Wesley (11) and Wyatt (9), his sons, asked us "Are you going to teach us the lessons to be baptized?" and we said uh yeah sure! And Wesley said "we probably need them ahah". It was a neat experience and we have a lesson set up for Tuesday this week. 

Saturday was a good day! 
At 2 we had an appointment with Shay and Spencer Beatte (pronounced "Be At"). They have lived here since April and they came to church in the other ward last Sunday and the other missionaries got them in contact with us. We took the Pehrsons with us and it was great! They clicked so well together and it was like instant friendship. The Beatte's are awesome. In just that one visit I have grown to love them! Spencer is 27 and not a member, Shay is 25 and member, but never been really strong. They have an 8 year old, Faith, 5 year old, Lela, and 3 week old, Violet! We are teaching Faith for baptism and Spencer said he also wants to learn and see where the path leads. 

We ended up focusing mainly on Spencer (Faith left to play with little Paige) and it was great. The Spirit was so strong and words just flowed on topics I never expected to touch. I could just see in his eyes that he was feeling something and that inside he knew this was right. It was like he looked like he had found his home that he never knew existed. It touched me so deeply. Josh and Ellen were great in the lesson too. Had some really good things to say that brought in the spirit. 

The Pehrsons even are helping the Beatte's find a new place to rent and it is actually the home right next to the Pehrsons!! haha it is neat to see families connect instantly and already on a good start.

Sunday we went to the Wrights and ended up having a water fight in our white shirts and ties with Seneth and Isaac ahhaha. It was great though. Then had dinner with the Schofields! They invited their daughter Amy's family from Twin and the Webb's! It was fun. 

Things are going really good and I am loving it here. Also, yesterday in church we sat next to Bro. Howard (his wife was at home with the baby) and the Pehrsons! haha Paige kept coming to my and laying her head down on my leg ahha. She does that all the time and even did it in the lesson with the Beatte's lol. Ellen says that I am the fun uncle that she likes to go to :) It is cute and I am going to miss that family so much over the next year until I go back to see them!!

Also Bro. Bowman texted and asked if I would speak with him in Deep Creek ward again this week. So here I go again preparing another talk :) Sad that it might be my last Sunday here. We find out transfers next Monday!!

Anyways love y'all! 

-Elder Bean II

Went to the Sturgeon fish hatchery with the Loveless family after dinner.

South Zone

Love this barbershop! They always give us great haircuts.

With Paige Pehrson

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