Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Solid Week With Our Investigators

Good week!! 

Helped Wanda last Monday with moving some stuff and then got to give her daughter’s baby a blessing and that was neat since she is not a member.

On Tuesday I used the rest of those ingredients to make some more cookies!! They were soooo good. Gave some to Elder Amezcua for his birthday and he liked them a ton. 

Had a really good lesson with Bernice and the Nebekers were there and we set a baptismal date for July 25th with her! She is really committed and when we saw her later in the week she had been reading in the Book of Mormon. 

Had Zone Meeting Friday on Christ-Like Attributes and it was good! Learned a lot. Went on exchanges that day too so we sent Elder Moser off and got Elder Cardon. That was an interesting day haha.

Saturday we went to Kamryn and Quincy Bowman's baptisms! They just turned 8 and they are funny little girls. They are twins and we have gotten to know their family well. It was fun cause then after we went to their house and they had a BBQ with a ton of family! Talked with one of their cousins who just got home 4 months ago from the Forth Worth, Texas Mission and he loved it there. He got engaged 2 weeks after he got home and is getting married this summer to a Sister he served around on his mission. Crazy hahaha. He was pretty cool though.

Went on visits with Bro Lloyd and some wild things happened. Ended up having to call the cops on someone because there was a crazy domestic dispute going on outside someone’s house. 

Had some good visits yesterday with people and had some investigators come to church! 

I am stoked for my birthday this week. The Garbetts were going to feed us tonight but they are doing it next week. We are having a party at the Hutchinsons tonight and then tomorrow the Pehrsons are taking us to Buffalo Wild Wings :))) I love the Pehrsons ahha. We sat next to them during sacrament and Paige (1 yr old daughter) kept coming to me and stuff. Ellen keeps saying that Paige has a crush on me haha. She is a little cutie! I am going to miss that family when I go.

Anyways I love y'all!

-Elder Bean II

Visiting the Nelsons

Cooking skills

Balance Rock for Pday

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