Monday, March 16, 2015

Everyone Wants to Feed Us

Good week!

On Pday we had lunch at the Carter's (family from my previous area) and then had game night with the Webb's!! It was great. 

The Webb's are still doing great. Colten was progressing towards baptism: found out he is already a member so problem solved! Now to get him to hold the priesthood and get their family to the temple! Colten's mom (Lori) is moving her ceramics store and we are helping them paint/move stuff/remodel the new place! It is a lot of fun and they really like us! (Lori is not active and Dave, her husband, isn't a member so it is a good opportunity) Janet, the baby, is doing awesome! She is awake and active a lot now.

Picked rock at the Hutchinson's farm this week!! Hah the joke is that it is "Rock Harvest season" right now. With the frost heaves during the winter, the rocks get pushed up so then they have to pick rock every year. Georgia was in Missouri for a week with her daughter who is living there, and she got home Thursday and gave me a huge hug when she saw me ahha. I really love the Hutchinson's and hope I don't leave Buhl for a while.

While walking around and semi-tracting we talked to this guy in a car on the side of the road (he called us over). He is an RM, not active now and he said he respects us a lot and wants to feed us!

Had 2 awesome successes with two families this week!! We went and saw the Binghams (haven't seen since Elder Bunker's first day in the mission) and they were way cool and invited us back for dinner! He is gonna grill up some meat for us. Then we have been trying to visit the Cleverlys for a while now and finally yesterday we caught them at home! She came and answered the door super nice and her husband wasn't home, but we talked with her out there and she said "no we don't want the discussions" so I quickly responded "We don't wanna give you the discussions and no one sent us to come see y'all, we have just heard how wonderful of a family y'all are and wanted to come by". Long story short she invited us back for dinner and to hang out too. :) haha Everyone wants to feed us for some reason. I don't mind at all!

Yesterday Arlin Nelson came to church! His wife, Jen, was speaking and she gave a good talk! It was good to see him come and we are set up to go over there this week and possibly teach!

Transfers are coming up on April 1st. I really hope I stay in Buhl for another 6 weeks if not more. I love it here and things are going so great. But I will go where the Lord wants me to go!

-Elder Bean II

Oh and on Wednesday we went to the Temple with the Youth from Deep Creek and two recent converts. It was such a good experience and the Spirit was there. Elder Bunker and I did confirmations (a lot of talking but more interactive than just witnessing) and something so cool happened: One of the names we confirmed was Richard Bean! haha I was like whatttt no way. It was Seneth's first time to the temple so Sis. Wright was definitely a proud momma. Seneth is her priesthood holder in the home since Dave is not a member. He is such a great guy though and in the right time it will all work out. The Wrights are one of my favorite families here.

Eating lunch at the Carter's on Pday

Playing games with the Webbs

I found a khaki suit at Deseret Industries for $20!!

Making chocolate chip cookies, we took some to the Webbs

My Zen Garden Tie

The Mystery Machine

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