Monday, March 9, 2015

Good Week - The Work Keeps Moving Forward

Good week!

On Pday we washed our car at Snake River Auto Body. (They let us use their facilities for free) and the guy and girl in there washing cars were way cool! We washed the whole inside, outside, windows, polished headlights, tires and rims, everything! (our car was looking super good for zone conference). Also they took us to the garage next to the washing one and there was a sick corvette in there! The engine had a ton of money in it and now the guy wants body work done on it. Needless to say this guy was way cool and gave us a quick ride in it :) Then went to the Garbett's that night for Chloe's birthday! She turned 9! 

The Webb's had their baby Tuesday at 3 am. Janet Dora Webb, 7 lbs 3 oz. We went to see them at 1 pm and that was way cool. They said we are like family to them. She has jondas? Idk how to spell it but it is something baby's get with their livers or something. So she wears this glowing uv thing on her back so she looks like a firefly :)

Had a good zone conference! President Curtis gave a lot of good counsel on the Atonement, the Law of Justice and Mercy, and Grace! I loved it. Sister Curtis also gave great counsel on sincere prayers! A lot of great things to implement into the work!

We are teaching this guy, Ace Stout. Really laid back, chill old guy and we got him to pray in front of us Saturday!!! 

The Lloyd's out in Castleford are way cool. Older couple, Ex-chefs, love us missionaries. They always compliment us so much on the messages we share so I always leave feeling good! Well guess what. They came to church Sunday! They are really inactive and never come, but they came! I was so happy to see them.

Set a baptism date with Colton Storey (13) for April 11th! He and his mom have a goal to go to the temple in May together!

This Wednesday we get to go to the temple with the Deep Creek ward since we have recent converts going for baptisms for the dead! I am excited!

Things are still going good. Camille/Al 's baptism is being pushed back tentatively for the 28th of March, but might go into April. There are complications with getting divorced from previous spouse and then getting married. 

Love and Miss y'all!!

-Elder Bean II

Zone Conference - Elder Openshaw and I

Elder Cardoza

With Elder Slavens one of my zone leaders, cool guy!

My other cool zone leader, Elder Brock.

Holding the Webb's new baby

Men in White

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