Monday, March 2, 2015

Meeting Awesome People and Having Opportunities to Share the Gospel

Hey so this week was pretty good overall!

Monday we had a Pday activity as a zone at Dierkes Lake! That was way fun and I am sending a bunch of pictures from it! Had fun FHE at the Garbett's with the Brunings! Love those two families.

Got to meet the Webb's new dog, Kronk, this week! He is a full shar pai! He is black and he is the cutest puppy haha. (Mom I want one and I know how to get one for cheap!) lol. They are doing awesome and Diara's due date is March 8th but the doctors say it could be any day now! They said we are gonna be one of the first people they call when it all goes down and they want us to come into the hospital to see them when that happens. I love them! They are so awesome and we are really close. Considering he is only 21 and she is 19 they are right about our age! We also have Tea Time with them at 3:00 just about every other day. (Herbal Tea so it's okay ahha). 

We spent some good time at the Wrights the past couple of weeks! And she asked us to give her boys Seneth and Isaac priesthood blessings! I felt pretty honored to do that since her husband, Dave, is not a member so he couldn't. He is such a great guy though! 

Had a good lesson with the Storeys. It is a Part member family. She has a goal to go to the temple with her son Colton (13, who we are starting to teach) in May! We committed Colton to baptism and he said that is exactly what he wants! Way cool. We have 4 people set for baptisms this month already! They might end up rolling over to next month but we will see! 

Camille/Al are doing so great. Yesterday at the regional stake conference broadcast, Elder Nielson of the Seventy spoke on "Burying our weapons of rebellion and committing to 'change' and 'become' " I thought it was so great and it really impressed on Al a lot! All that is left before their baptism is marriage! Which the baptism is now scheduled for March 14th! 

Cool experience: We received a call from a lady out of town to go help her mother who recently had surgery. (non member) So we went over and she was the nicest lady, her name is Trish Warmack! We went out back and chopped wood for an hour or so and had fun doing it! Ended up finding out later that night through a member that lives next door and helps out Trish too, that we had made such an impression on her that she called all of her kids (nonmembers also) and told them about us. That brought me more joy than anything else this week. Serving one of God's children and making an impact on her life. She invited us back anytime we feel like it so we are gonna make a point to go every week! 

Last night we went into a part member family's home for dinner! The member, Jen Nelson, went through the temple a couple months ago and she is so nice! Her husband is not a member and in fact is the brother of Johanna (who I mentioned in a couple emails I think). He seems open, and he is going through a rough time with a recent death of his nephew. We ended up giving him a priesthood blessing! It was so great and they invited us back anytime!

Met some awesome people and had some great experiences with having opportunities to share the gospel. We have so many promising potentials! 

I love and miss y'all!!

-Elder Bean II

Elder Brown that just got home from serving with
my brother, Lofton, in Brasilia Brazil 

Pday activity at Dierkes Lake with the zone

Elder Risley, Openshaw, Brown, Me; the inVESTed crew

Family Home Evening with the Garbett and Bruning families

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