Monday, February 23, 2015

Doing the Work

Had some great lessons this week with Camille and Al! They are progressing great and their baptism has been moved to March 7th to allow more time for marriage and stuff! The Webb's are progressing too and we had a very spiritual lesson on the Atonement. He said he learned so much more and it all made sense. I think it really helped Colten apply the Atonement to himself more personally.

Burnt a tie this week for my 6 month mark!!! haha. The other day we went on exchanges and I went with Elder Vanleeuwen and we went to Jackpot, Nevada (yes it’s in the mission) and that was a fun experience. We got lost in the Nevada desert at one point ;). 

Elder Kevin Brown from Lofton's mission came to Buhl with his family and took us out to lunch! They are fun and he gave me stuff from Lofton!! He said I am just like my brother hahah that's the best compliment ever!!

We had some other great lessons and had fun with some awesome families this week. There is a new Chinese restaurant in town 'Kim Long' and it is super good! Kinda like Panda Express but better!! :)

Talk to y'all next week! Love and miss y'all

-Elder Bean II

Good night Idaho

With Brian Bradley at the Hutchinson's.  He just returned from serving a
mission in Lubbock Texas. His twin brother is serving in this mission.

Hutchinson's farm

Burning a tie to signify 6 months on a mission!

With Elder Vanleeuwen

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