Monday, February 16, 2015

Transfers - Staying in Buhl with Elder Bunker!

So glad to be staying in Buhl with Elder Bunker! Things are going way awesome here. Just some awesome experiences with our investigators, less-actives, and even some great members! Feel like we have been inspired to do a lot of things and great rewards have come of those things!

We have been teaching Camille/Almon(Al) a lot and they both have baptismal dates for February 28th! I am excited and Saturday they agreed to drop all addictions and things against the W.o.W and are planning on getting married soon! We see Al just about everyday cause he is home a lot (finding a job right now) and he needs the support and loves us coming over! We read 2 Nephi 4 with him and he loved that one and after we left he texted us all day about he is receiving his answer and that chapter really helped him and hit him hard. He is so receptive it is awesome! They also came to a baptism Saturday for other Elder's in our District and they liked that! Then they both came to church Sunday and thought it was great and we all went over to the Schofield's for lunch and it was great! The Webb's came to church too and to the Schofield's afterwards. Found out Colten Webb doesn't actually have records so he technically is not a member, so we would have to teach him like an investigator! Which is probably good because now he can have a fresh start. 
    So we went to go contact this family (Cook's) and they used to have missionaries in the past until one of them ruined it.. but we are trying to get back in the house, so we parked down the street and this guy down the street comes out to talk to us and find out he is "All-Denominations" but is a less-active member. He invited us over for dinner and he said he appreciates what we do and that he believes in the LDS beliefs, just doesn't believe in having a set religion. Then we talked to the Cook's and he said he would give us a call or text when we has work off next! So that was two good things in like under 20 minutes ahha. 
  The Stake President (Pres. Ackerman) and the High Councilman over missionary work (Bro. Bowman) took us out to lunch Tuesday to show their appreciation and to apologize for some things that happened last week with the stake. I loved it though and they are two awesome men!! Then we got a call from Sis. Nelson and she gave us a referral to go help this lady out. She also said she wants us to start coming and teaching her husband who is a non-member. So we go see the lady that night with Bro. Lloyd and find out her name is Johanna, and she is recently divorced, her son (21) died a couple months ago and she is going through a rough time. She has two daughters Sally (20) and Bailey (16). Johanna said that they would all like to meet and have us over. Just being over there with her I could almost see how desirous she was to know there was hope. I could just see the miracles that the gospel could work in her life and I felt our Savior's love for her. I am excited to start teaching her this week and I already have an awesome conference talk prepared to give her that I think will help her a ton. 
   Also we taught this other family Saturday, The Wilders. Sis Wilder and her son Nephi Ellison are members (less-active due to work) and Bro. Wilder is a Seventh Day Adventist. Also Nephi's girlfriend Megan is not religious at all and she is having a rough life. So we taught them and the Spirit hit so strong the whole lesson. I could definitely tell they felt it and recognize that their Heavenly Father does love them.
  Met this guy, Tom Bush, while tracting and he walked us around his house and inside his house showing us all his cool stuff and pictures (I think he isn't all there, but it could of been the meds he is taking, cause he seems very chill and open guy) he invited us back too ahah. (Inspired Tracting works!!!....sometimes lol).

Not much else to say other than the Lord is directing his work and we are doing our best to be his instruments! I am witnessing some amazing things happen and this area has improved so much in the short 3 months I have been here. I have come to know my relationship with my Heavenly Father is one of the most important things. Knowing him and feeling his love make everyday a blessing and easier to bear my burdens. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ and I know he lives and he loves us. He wants to come to us, but we must exercise our agency and come to him! I love y'all and wish y'all a good week!!

Much Love, and Happy Late Valentines Day-

Elder Bean II

Heading out to do service

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