Monday, February 9, 2015

Sacrifice for The Lord Will Definitely Bring More Divine Aid and Blessings

Week was awesome. Every week gets better and better!

So we played a ton of volleyball last pday which was awesome. Then we ate with the Garbett's for dinner before heading back to Buhl! Remember them from my last area? They are awesome and we are going over there again tonight! :) Went to the Webb's and the Hutchinsons that night and they are super awesome. So Colten and Diara Webb just make my whole mission worthwhile. When we were there Monday night he said that ever since we have been coming around he notices the Spirit more and more and his whole life is better and it is changing. He has a lot of respect for us and they definitely show it. It really makes me feel so good when I see people like this. I love them. I have pure love for them. 

The whole week was overall fun and great. A lot of great moments with some awesome people. Friday, Elder Risley came and did exchanges. We had like the best day ever. We taught some awesome lessons, Papa Kelsey took us to see alligators haha, we tracted and found some people, took pictures on a random couch, went out to Castleford and visited people. hah the whole time we had a ton of fun. Then at night we had an awesome talk. We talked about some of the struggles I am having and it helped so much. He has 3 months left so he definitely had some great advice for me. And then he challenged me to do some things to help and over the past three days I have noticed a drastic improvement. It has been such a blessing and a miracle. Sacrifice for the Lord will definitely bring more divine aid and blessings. 

Colby's baptism was Saturday! So great. Us 8 missionaries (sisters didn't make it) sang two musical numbers while they changed and it invited the Spirit in so much! Everyone loved it ahah. Then we stayed for the Stake Youth Baptism's and saw Kinzie get baptized! She is a Morgan and we have been teaching her a couple times and they are a fun family! Then we saw Cameron Gorrell be baptized and during the confirmation Bro. Gorrell called out like 8 people to come stand in and then told us to come stand in too cause we looked left out haha. It was funny. They are a fun family too! Then we went to the Morgan's "Afterparty" and had some great food and then played football with Kolton, Keegan, and Kolby... everyone in their family's have "K" names. Ken Morgan is the dad and his kids are Kolton, Kylie, and Kinzie. Then their cousins have K names too. It is kinda cool. Then we went to the Webb's again and helped them with this puzzle of Jesus walking on the shore! It is an awesome picture and so much fun to do that with them. Then it was Georgia Hutchinson's birthday yesterday so we went over and had Chinese food! It was fun cause Tyler, Tonie, and Korby came up from Utah.

Sunday was great! Camille came to church with her son Gabe and the Webb's came too! Colton said he liked it a lot, which was awesome to hear. Then we went to Mark's and gave Andrea a blessing (they went to the emergency room at like 2 in the morning cause she is in pain, they don't know what is wrong yet). We went to the Webb's again and they fed us pork chops and mashed potatoes!! It was soo good. They are amazing. They said they wanted to feed us to thank us for all that we do. We have such a good relationship with them. They want us to come over everyday but they know we have other obligations too. They just love the Spirit that we bring into the home. He definitely has struggles right now and we are helping him overcome some stuff but he is coming so far. His heart is in the right place. I have some pictures with them too! 

It was an awesome week. Love it here and love the people. I miss and love y'all!!! Take care fam.

-Elder Bean II

Mission conference with Elder Ballard. He's in the center of  the pic, third row.

Made a scripture case out of cardboard and pictures.

Friday with Elder Risley

Alligators in Idaho

With Papa Kelsey

When you see a random couch in a field, you have to take pics

It's been springlike weather in Idaho this week!

Diara and Colten Webb

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