Monday, September 28, 2015

Finding and Teaching Some Great Investigators - Lunar Eclipse was Cool!

It was an amazing week full of the Spirit changing people’s hearts!

Wednesday we did an exchange with some missionaries. Some missionaries had to go to Twin Falls, so we got an extra Elder for the day. Elder Velazquez was with Elder Taylor and I, so it was cool being in a little trio!  We had a solid day of visiting our investigators and had a super good dinner with the Maugers!

Jeremy (who we found last week) is progressing, and we are teaching his dad, Tim, now too! Both are set to be baptized on October 24th! Some things we have to work through first, but we have faith that it will happen! 

Thursday evening we did splits with 3rd ward and I went with Bishop Nelson and Elder Taylor went with Thane Nebeker. They visited the Carter's and taught about the Book of Mormon and 3 of the kids are excited about it and we have another appointment for this week!

We committed Steven J. to baptism and it was a neat moment. The Spirit has opened his heart more and now he is going to think and pray on it. 

Also Hayden, another investigator that lives with the Blunts who are the recent convert family, is thinking and praying about a baptism day too! 

Saturday we went to Fairfield at night and visited the Shorts. We got to see their pig give birth!! It was pretty interesting to watch ahha. (Fun fact: momma pigs are called sows, and she was HUGE). Then we went to the wedding reception of Erica and Josh! It was cool to see them and they looked super happy! 

Yesterday was a great day at church and in our meetings got a lot accomplished. Went to the Pattons for dinner cause it was Jaelynn's birthday! (Josh's oldest daughter who turned 7). She is awesome little girl and I love going over there cause we are related through marriage (David and April) so it feels like family!  Going out to visit people with Josh is a lot of fun too, he is a cool guy and great missionary! 

Got to cut Elder Taylor's hair last night at the Hortings which was neat (it was pretty good haircut too ahha) and saw the lunar eclipse!

Anyways, Take care! Love y'all!

Elder Bean

Brother Horting shooting a potato gun

Lunar eclipse

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