Monday, October 5, 2015

A Personal Relationship with God Endures Through ALL Time and Eternity

It was a good week overall!

General Conference weekend was very uplifting! It was definitely a good one to watch. 

We had some good successes with those we taught this week! We did exchanges and I stayed here and got Elder Sautter on Friday. We also had a Zone Meeting on Preparing better to be successful and effective.

Met with Matthew this week and had a very good lesson on the Restoration with him and he is interested and has the desire!

Hayden is doing well and came to the Priesthood session with us. He is pondering about baptism still and he wants it, just other things in his life right now. Same goes for Steven. Found out Jeremy is a member already, and his dad Tim is really busy with harvest season right now so in about 2 weeks he says he can focus more on meeting with us.

Yesterday had neat experience with being where we needed to be at the right time. Got to talk with a lady that I have not seen for 3 months! She accepted a Book of Mormon and a return appointment for this week! 

We had a good lesson last night and used Mark 8:34-38 . Such a good scripture! If we gain the whole world, but have lost our soul then what good have we done? Does not matter how much money/fun we have now, if we do not build a relationship with God and follow his commandments then all we will have is temporary happiness/money/fun right now but that all ends the moment we leave this earth. So in reality nothing is gained. A personal relationship with God endures through ALL time and eternity. While those temporary pleasures are lost and go away and only endure a very small moment of our life.  WE build that relationship by coming to know God. We can only do that by  1)communicating through prayer (communication is most important in any relationship) 2) studying His words in the scriptures and 3) LIVING IT. following his commandments and Obeying his words.  This gospel has so many tools given to us to focus on our personal relationship with God, our personal path in life, AND it even extends to our family's relationship and path. All the laws and ordinances point the way to eternal life and fulfilling these 3 things. God loves us, and our families and has blessed us with restored truths to uphold his doctrine and plan for us. We must all seek for these truths and we will find them, through diligent study and prayer.

I love y'all and take care~!

-Elder Bean

How can I become closer to Christ: listen to or watch General Conference that was this past weekend for the uplifting messages given.

Cutting Elder Taylor's hair last week
Finished product!

Now everyone wanted a haircut

Halloween decorations at the Harden's house

Birthday message for Olivia

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