Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Transfers - Staying in Gooding! Great Things are Happening!

I am staying another transfer in Gooding and getting a new companion! I love it here and I am glad to stay. Elder Taylor was awesome so I am sad to see him go! 

Had some great things happen this week: 

#1 - New People to Teach!
We have been visiting this couple and just talking briefly at the door and helping with a few things and this week we went to see them and they let us in and the wife told us to teach her husband cause he wants to be taught! It went great and he accepted a baptismal commitment for November 14th. His name is Rodney, and he is 86 and never been open to missionaries until now, the wife said that it totally surprised her that he is committing.

Met this guy named Brandon through a ward member. Had a super good lesson with him, then the following day we had a church tour, and we showed him the baptismal font and ended up committing him to baptism on Nov. 21st! He is very prepared. Has had a lot of things happen in his life that he says are pointing him toward God, and then one day this ward member showed up on his front step and he took that as another sign that he should listen to the missionaries. 

#2 Hayden is going strong!

He has been clean of smoking/addictions since Wednesday! He drank this 'elixir' that has milk, garlic, and tobacco blended together and immediately after drinking it you have to smoke and it makes you sick so then every time you have urge to smoke you feel sick and don't want to! Well Hayden did it and is set for baptism on Nov. 7th! We are stoked for him.

#3- Sabbath Day was great!!

Had awesome primary program in 3rd ward, and a lot of nonmembers came and they definitely felt the spirit, and we might have more people to teach soon because of it.

Fireside last night was awesome. Great talks by some ward members that are converts and 2 awesome musical numbers. Spirit was very strong and we some non-members/less-actives come and enjoyed it a lot! about 50+ total people there!

I have such a love for these people. It is crazy how in just one visit with some people you come to love them and see them as Heavenly Father does, and all you desire for them is to have the same knowledge and feelings that the gospel brings. As a missionary I have faced a lot of disappointment in seeing those I have come to love, reject what I hold close to my heart and know is true. It is those moments that happen every so often where someone gets it, and they feel the Spirit and desire more of it. Those moments that build my testimony, and help me to realize ALL of my efforts are more than worth it!

I was at a wedding this week and ran into a member from my first area! He told me of a family that was converted while I was there and how they are doing now. Not everything is perfect and great, but it was amazing to hear they are still in the gospel and striving to be better and continuing to press on! That is all we must do is keep striving!!

Love y'all,

Elder Bean

Winter ready!

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