Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We Really Witnessed a lot of Small Miracles this Week, and has Grown My Testimony in our Savior!

It was a pretty solid week here. Every week my love for the area and the people just grows so much. I have gotten really close with the wards here! 

Highlight of the Week:  Elder Falabella of the Seventy came and toured our mission. We had conference with him on Friday and it was phenomenal! He didn't prepare anything, but went totally by the Spirit and taught us what we needed to hear. His big focus was on families! How we need to be bringing families together in the gospel! Cool thing is, we just picked up a couple new families to teach, so we are hopeful to see these things happen.

We are hopeful still to have a couple baptisms this month, but most likely next month due to some things coming up. Always stumbling blocks and it is such a task to overcome them a lot.

Our new focus in the wards is to go and visit all of the Ward Council members and their families and teach them about how the gospel blesses families and commit them to pray about a family they can invite to hear more about these very essential restored truths! We have seen good things come from it already and it has invited a new spirit into our messages that we share. This week ahead is going to be a busy one for sure. We have a lot of appointments planned out and new visits to make and this Friday we will be going to the Temple to do Adult Baptisms with some of our Recent Converts!

We really witnessed a lot of small miracles this week, and has grown my testimony in our Savior!

I love y'all and I have such a love for the experiences I have every day. Too many to fit into an email, and I have to have some stories to tell y'all when I get home so I can't tell ya everything!! :)

-Elder Bean

P.S. While helping someone move in, I met this guy from Eagle, ID and he knows Art Rascon very well! (Art Rascon is a news reporter in Houston and he is in our Stake in the church and we have gotten to know him!)

We had such a sweet day today. We were in Twin to get our car windshield repaired and a member from Gooding was in Twin and he took us to DI and bought us pants and a shirt (The pants and shirt I am wearing in this picture that Sis. Harden just sent) so that we could go hiking and not get all dirty! We hiked down to the Snake River, to Pillar Falls and holy cow it was so steep and it just about killed me. It was sweet though and we got our car back just in time and headed back to Gooding! We were going to go to Box Canyon too but time got short.


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