Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Busy Busy Week!!

Elder Payne my new companion is great. We have a lot going on here in the 10th ward, and now also the 24th ward! I really enjoy this area!


#1 "Spirit of Elijah" 

Had a Mission + South Stake meeting to discuss how to combine Missionary Work and Family History work! It was great and we are starting to use Family History in the work more! 

#2 Brian and Janine

They are a really neat family! Part-Member family that we started to contact. We went on splits and I went with Trenton (Ward missionary) to go and visit them. We had a great discussion. They had questions and we all just opened up the scriptures and studied and discussed together. There was a powerful Spirit in the home, and their questions were so sincere! They are busy for the next couple weeks, so hopefully that Spirit does not leave them before we get to go back!

#3 MIRACLES at night!

Just a note: Miracles always happen in the last hour of the day. Most of the time after 8:30. I guess that is why diligence is so important! It was 8:30 and we felt like we should knock this house that we have knocked like 4+ times and the people have not been that interested. Well at first they said no. But we kept talking and their hearts must have been softened in that moment because they let us in and we shared a message with them and they had really good questions about life and death, so we basically unfolded the Plan of Salvation, God's plan for families here on Earth. Left them with a tabbed BofM and we have an appointment for this upcoming Saturday!

I love this work. I love the Savior and the 'freedom' he offers us. I love being able to share this message and invite others to experience the powerful spirit and happiness that comes through following the Savior! This is THE only way to eternal life and true and lasting happiness. I know with all my heart. My testimony has been deepened through my experiences and the power of the Spirit in my life. 

Love y'all!

Elder Bean
Teaching Aki, he is from Eritrea, Africa. He has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ.

Saying goodbye to Elder Leon

Emailing alongside my new companion, Elder Payne

Sister Weiler, Sister Boyce, Elder Payne

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