Tuesday, January 19, 2016

God really prepares His children to receive His word!

Transfer week! I am staying in the 10th ward and we are also picking up another ward: the 24th ward! That was where I served in my first area!! I am excited to be back there too :) My new companion is Elder Payne, Elder Leon is going home to Peru.

Neat Experience #1:

While on exchanges with Elder Herbold, we got out of a lesson and it was 8:30 and pitch black so we weren't exactly sure what to do. We walk down the street and just felt like we should knock this door (only lit up one on the whole block). We took a different approach though! When the person opened the door, we said "Hey Michael Tackett, we are here for our visit!", the person then told us that we had the wrong place, so we said "This is *** 3rd Ave N right? and he said "No this is *** 3rd Ave. W, but my name is Michael too". long story made short, we actually got in the house and met his girlfriend (they are in their 20's), and shared a Book of Mormon with them! Planning on going by this week for another visit too!


Saturday Elder Leon and I had planned to tract at 3, so we prayed and asked where we needed to go. Immediately we got a phone call from this guy named Joshua, and he had gotten our number from other missionaries. We went and taught him and his friend Shawn. They both came to church on Sunday too and we have an appointment with them tomorrow also. Miracles do happen! As we taught them I felt so strongly how prepared they were. They both moved here from Nebraska/Iowa recently. 

So just another cool thing: Raweya and Ali gave us an English Qu'ran and I read small parts of it, as to not offend them. It was interesting. As we have taught them they keep saying that the Book of Mormon is very similar to the Qu'ran and even that Mormon's are similar to Muslims in a lot of ways. I see what they mean now! They believe in ALL the prophets. Bible, Qu'ran, Book of Mormon, Dead Sea Scrolls, you name it and they believe it. 

However their only belief that is different is that they do not believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. That is the MOST foundational belief of ALL Christianity, including Mormon! The knowledge that Jesus Christ really is the Son of God, and that he really did suffer everything for us, so that we are set free, is so important to know! It changes everything. It brings new peace into our lives. I love our Savior and I love His gospel, and how blessed I am to be able to be out here sharing this message with these children of God that are so prepared in many ways to receive this message!

Have a great week
Love y'all,

Elder Bean
Robert and Kinsey
Harris Family

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