Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Following the Lord's Promptings

It was a great week! Super busy though.

Janice is still doing great, she is set to be baptized on March 19th! :) It is going to be great. Also on March 20th, the Area Authority Elder Allen is coming to speak in the 10th ward! That will be a cool combo with her confirmation on that day! 

Awesome experience: Wednesday, March 2nd, 8:21 pm. We pray where we should go. We feel prompted to see this one guy, but I knew he wouldn't be home and we had every excuse why not to go. We decided to go anyways, turns out he was not home like we had thought. However we see someone sitting outside near his house. We walk near this lady and try to talk to her but she waves us on. We circled the block, but we both felt like we need to talk to her. As we turn the corner to go back to that street, she is walking our direction. And that is when we met Emily! She is awesome. We walked and talked for a good hour with her. Shared a whole lesson, gave her a Book of Mormon and everything. She had a rough life of bad decisions and she told us how she needed us that night. She knew God had sent us to her. It was so powerful.

Elder Payne and I were so humbled from that experience. I look back at my initial doubt of the prompting we received. Little did we know at the time, we were just being led to someone else. Sometimes the Lord prompts us in ways that we may think don't make sense! But I realized that the only way we would of been led to that lady is if he prompted us to see the other person, fully knowing they weren't home!

We are starting to take birthday cards to all the members on their birthday! It has already been really awesome and they love it! We even were able to give someone a blessing and be of service because of that. It also feels really good to just do something really nice :)

Anyways I am doing great!! Loving it out here.

Love y'all
Elder Bean

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