Wednesday, April 6, 2016

General Conference Weekend

General Conference was awesome and I enjoyed the insights and strength I gained!

The week was a busy one for sure, but we made it work greatly!

Janice went to the family history center with us on Tuesday and we were there with her for about an hour, and then she stayed a couple more to do more family history work! She was very excited about it. Also she really enjoyed conference as well and it is so cool to see her embrace every ounce of the gospel. 

We are teaching this guy, Will, that is originally from Texas! He is awesome, but been through the ringer. Just listening to him I felt God's truly infinite love for him. It gave me hope for Will to progress and get his life on track to where he can be successful and have joy. 

We ate dinner with this one family this week and the husband was late coming home so we ate on the porch with the kids until he got home. He got home when we had about 10 minutes until we had to leave so we came inside briefly. He is not a member, but his wife texted us the next day saying that he felt pretty bad about that and wants us to come over again. He is a great guy and we are hoping he opens up to let us teach him.

Our monthly focus for April is the Book of Mormon and it has been great so far. There is so much power in that book. It was written for this day and age, so it pertains especially to us. It is a divine witness of the Savior Jesus Christ and it contains His gospel in fulness. It teaches so plainly and the power of the Spirit is so evident as you read it! As we have shared more of the Book of Mormon this past week, I have definitely seen the influence it has!

 It's power can 'change our hearts' and 'bring light and understanding' to our lives.

Love y'all!

Elder Bean

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