Tuesday, April 26, 2016

First Week In Carey!

Things are great here in Carey, ID. We cover the Richfield ward and the two Carey wards which consists of Richfield, Carey, and Picabo.

The work is a lot slower up here than Twin Falls. Due to A LOT less people and majority are LDS! However we have already seen some good things happen. 

Elder Wihongi has only been here 7 weeks so we are both pretty new, which opens up a lot of opportunity!

We received a referral for a lady named Dani, and we went to go see her and her son was outside and he was super cool, then she came out and was very nice! We ended up helping them plant some flowers right there and met her other two kids. We connected well with her and she is open to having us back. She seems very prepared with what we have heard about her from members.

Met this guy named Ken, through knocking the wrong house. He is agnostic and lives on the edge of the world in the middle of nowhere ahha. He agreed to have us come back though! It will be a little different teaching someone without a background belief in God. He threw out some good food for thought though by saying religion causes wars and contention. He is right, but it is not God's commandments that cause that. It is people disobeying God or twisting the commandments or making religion what they want it to be. 

God is God and Jesus Christ is His Son. They have a plan of redemption for all of us to be made clean so that we can come back into their presence. The church and gospel are there for us to prepare to live with God and strive to be like Jesus Christ, thus bringing about the most joy into our lives. That is the truth and what God has intended. 

Funny Exp: Met this Hispanic couple that spoke broken English, and they even let us in. So we communicated with our broken Spanish and actually had a good talk with them about Jesus Christ! They even fed us some food! Love Hispanic people, they are so kind and genuine. We have a couple Spanish people here, so hopefully my Spanish will improve!

Love y'all! Hope It is a great week for everyone!

-Elder Bean

Transfers, Gonna miss Elder Payne


New companion, Elder Wihongi
Carey, Idaho

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