Monday, May 2, 2016

I Love Serving the Lord

Hey there! Things are going great here in Carey. We were able to go to church in Carey this week and meet so many awesome people. 

So first off some great news!! :

I shared an experience a couple weeks ago about finding that young man on the side of the road and taking him to the church and having a very spiritual experience. Well this week I just found out from the sister missionaries in Twin Falls that he is getting baptized on Saturday! They told me a couple highlights from his conversion that included attending a baptism and feeling the Spirit, and touring the temple grounds and praying about baptism! It was so great to hear such powerful things happening. I KNOW the Lord has been so involved in his life. 

We have been meeting a lot of great people here in Carey. This one Christian couple was so nice and exciting to talk to! We all shared our conversions with each other and the Spirit was there. They have a big log house and they use it as a non-profit retreat for pastors and other people they know that need to get away for a little while. It is in a very pretty spot in the mountains and they are the nicest people ever! She even prayed for us as we left and told us we are welcome anytime. :)

I love this work. I love serving the Lord and having the privilege to bless the lives of His children here in Idaho! They have blessed mine as well. I feel so honored to be where I am and I don't ever want to stop. 

Love y'all,

Elder Bean

Twin Falls group from a couple weeks ago

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