Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Transfer Week - Staying in Carey!

Transfer week and Elder Wihongi and I are staying in Carey for at least 3 more weeks.

It was a solid week here! We are teaching someone new, Emilia, and she is very receptive and open! She has accepted to read the Book of Mormon and then to be baptized when she has received a witness that it is true. We were very excited for this! The night before we had a hard time finding people home and just working, but we stayed diligent and it was great to have this blessing come the next day.

We had many other great lessons, one of my favorites was teaching this lady that has a great love and faith in God. She has so much goodness and light in her and the Spirit was very present as we taught her! Another was teaching 4 young adults that are on a "work-away" program with a member family we had dinner with. 2 are from Spain, 1 from Switzerland and the other from Nevada. The 3 foreigners have not had contact with the LDS church hardly ever! We are going back on Thursday to teach them more. They said in their countries religion is not a big importance. One of the questions that was asked was very simple and basic question about God and I realized that there are many many people who do not know much about God in this world.

On Thursday we did an interview for a guy that got baptized on Saturday. Probably one of the most powerful ones I have experienced. He has a solid conversion, and knows how to ask questions in prayer and receive revelation. When he came to the interview he had long hair and long beard. On Saturday for his baptism he was completely clean shaven! He really knew what it meant to put his old life behind and take upon him this new life of following the Savior, and that is how he represented it.

I love this gospel so much! I know more than anything that this is the true and living Church of Jesus Christ! He is our Savior and He is at the head of the church. And more than anything, He loves us.

-Elder Bean

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