Sunday, May 15, 2016

Big News!

So first off it was a great week and yesterday we found a new family to teach! This lady and her 5 kids, who are all pretty interested! We are excited and hope that the Spirit really touches them. Also helped this part member family build a fence. It felt great to do some work.

Now the Big News: As of July 1st our mission will be splitting! Part of our mission will go to the new Idaho Falls mission (Pocatello is splitting as well), and part of our mission will go to the Boise Mission. This is to even out the areas and numbers of missionaries in each mission. So because of that I will most likely be in the Boise Mission, which would change my date to come home. It could be as early as July 30th! We will find out more information in the future though!

I love Carey! We are working with some great people. Haha on Sunday when I was skyping y'all, you asked who I was teaching and I just drew a blank, but we are teaching people. We are actually working with 3 different families that do not come to church, but have 8 year old children they want to be baptized. So we are helping them come back to the gospel as a family so that can happen.

I miss and love y'all! Stay great!
-Elder Bean

P.S. The Patterson family fed us a cool meal this week. It is called Rou-Ladin ? (how it sounds, probably not the right spelling) It is a German food, where you wrap thin beef over a pickle with mustard and then fried with flour! It was great :)

P.S.S We drove a lot last week! Went up to Challis and I stayed with the Elders there and Elder Wihongi went to Salmon with those Elders. Then yesterday we went up to Hailey/Bellevue! It is so pretty up there and I think I want to live there someday

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