Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another Great Week In Carey

It was another great week in Carey! :)

So first off news: my official release date is now July 30th, so I will be seeing y'all in about 2 months! Till then!

Some solid things are happening. We are having family home evening with a member family and a potential investigator tonight, then on Tuesday we are going to teach another lesson to that family we found last Monday. 

We met with a less-active guy, John, who is Polynesian and his wife is not a member, but he said we can come back this week and have a family home evening with them!

We went to mutual last week and helped teach. They had 5 stations with members telling about their mission experiences, and then we had a station as well. It was fun to fellowship with the youth and to teach them. We had a great time and I hope that we somehow influenced them to want to serve a mission. As I shared one of my experiences on my mission about the power of the Spirit, I truly felt that the Spirit of God has so much power in our lives and others if we let it. I am really learning to not trust in myself but to really trust in the Spirit. I have seen great things come as I do that.

This week is going to be super busy with lots of driving but it will be exciting :)

Love y'all so much, and I know my time left on the mission is short, but I know more than ever that this is such an important work that goes until the very last day! 

-Elder Bean

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