Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Cold in Idaho!!

What a great week!! Had a lot of fun. Wednesday was really fun. It was cold though! like 15 degrees. (at night it gets to like 5 degrees or less). We got to go with the youth temple trip cause it was Harry's first time! I was so proud of him. Elder Cook and I could only witness, but it was a great experience and I jump at every chance I get to go to the temple! Thursday the snow started coming down! I woke up and It was all white outside and then the rest of the day it just snowed constantly. I loved it. Makes me want to snowboard though.. We shoveled a lot of people's sidewalks and driveways! April Carter told us she wants to be temple worthy by summer!! I loved hearing that and it brought so much joy to my heart. Friday we had exchanges and I went to the 2nd ward area with Elder Prosch. He is hilarious ahha he has such dry humor. We got along good cause we are so alike! I liked being in that area cause at night we walked down main street and stuff instead of just neighborhoods like I usually do. Sunday, Harry gave a talk in church!! It was so good. It is amazing to see his progression from baptism on Oct. 11th, to getting the priesthood, going to the temple, and now giving a talk! Last night we were with the Free's (less-active family) and they finally opened up to us! We had an awesome chat on why we are serving missions and our past and everything and they related so well with us and it was so good. I love them! Transfers are next week! This time next week I will know if I am staying or leaving and if I am getting a new companion or what. Elder Cook is most likely leaving (been here for 6 months) and I hope so badly that I stay! I love this ward and all the people here. I am trying to stay warm! It is getting colder and colder and everyone here says it is abnormal for it to be this cold this early in the year sooo I wonder what the heart of winter will be like... ahha. Miss home like crazy, but absolutely love the Twin Falls 24th ward!!!

-Elder Bean II

Me, Harry and Elder Cook

Twin Falls temple

Our roof... snow!!!

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