Monday, November 10, 2014

The Lord Prepares People in so Many Ways

So great week!! Last P-day we played a ton of basketball (same thing today too!!!) Got this sweet new plush blanket with two black labs on it and a sunset in the background. Yeah I know it's cool ahha. Keeps me warm at night! Tuesday was sweet!! Had District Meeting and then exchanges with our Zone Leaders! Elder Benson (my homie) came to my area this time! Was super chill and we are like best friends out here haha. We started talking with everyone we saw and it was great. We taught Harry and Jackie and then afterwards Benson told me he was surprised at how well I taught and I was like dude that means a lot. We shared some great messages with some families and it was so spiritual! At the end of the day he told me he was grateful that I am always improving and how much I have changed since my first day. We played with glow sticks and I have pictures haha. Wednesday we met with so many people and have a lot of potentials right now! I am looking forward to teaching them. Thursday we spent a couple hours painting the outside of this soup kitchen and then we had interviews with mission President Curtis! Was cool and he is a great guy. Sister Curtis was fun to talk to and she told me Janet (Cowley) Rose had written her a note! So fun to hear she knows my family, I guess her sister was good friends with Janet! We met this guy, Cash and he is so humble and the guy is super intelligent! He is studying physics to go into nuclear engineering or astrophysics! Guy knows a lot and his wife is less-active and we went back on Sunday and they are way cool with us and are open to our messages! Friday we rescheduled Jackie's baptism to the 22nd, something came up. Saturday we dug some holes in the morning, did progress records, and then went to the ward Harvest Hoedown! It was a fun tailgate party and had some great food and music ;) country of course. Later that night Elder Cook wanted to walk home and drop off our service clothes and then go back out, but I felt like we should just leave them at the stake center and go out then. Turns out we ran into this awesome guy name Jesus (he is Hispanic so its not pronounced Jesus lol). He was one of the most humble guys I have ever met. The guy loved his family and prayed every day before driving (he was a self-employed trucker) and he said he had respect for all religions and anyone was welcome in his home. He reads the bible and says he believes strongly in everything in it, so that is awesome! We had such a great conversation with him and he told us to come by and if he is home he will love for us to talk with him more! Super excited for him. The Lord prepares people in so many ways. Sunday was awesome. Church was so spiritual and Sister Steinagel gave her homecoming talk! She just got back from England and she shared some great experiences and I could tell she was a great missionary. This guy sang a solo and he is like a professional singer and the spirit was so strong. Part of the song he sang said "Jesus' love, is like a lighthouse" and that is so true! It is our lighthouse to help us find our way! We ate at the Allen's (way fun family) and she made Texas sheet cake!!! :) so good. This week was overall great. Loving it so much out here. I am so happy!! Love and miss y'all.

-Elder Bean II

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