Monday, July 25, 2016

Last Email from the Mission!

Hey Y'all!

I honestly don't know what to say in this email knowing it is my last. I am honestly so stoked to see y'all this weekend! I love this work though, so I have to grind for 4 more days :)

Haha I guess I will share about yesterday! We went up to church in Sun Valley and the Stake President found out it was my last Sunday so he put me on the agenda to share a brief testimony. Wellll there was almost 500 people that showed up and Elder Hamula of the Seventy came! Talk about nervous! It was good though and after the meeting a lot of people came to talk to me, I kinda felt famous haha. Met some great people! 

There are so many great people I have met in this area that I am going to miss a lot! One of them is the Torelli family! They are so close to my heart. I love going over there and yesterday I shared with them a very tender experience from my mission and I shared it in almost all Spanish and I thought it would be not as good because my Spanish is not advanced, but the Spirit was still there were tears in the room. I love the Spirit so much. It does not matter the greatness of the language, because the language of the Spirit speaks to all and will testify of all truth. 

I love y'all! I love this work! There is no greater Spirit than the Spirit that comes from missionary work and it just fills you up with so much joy and love. This is everything to me and I am excited for the future, but I know that these 2 years will always be the closest to my heart because of the good that it has brought my life and the opportunities I have had. I cannot describe enough how amazing it is to be a servant of the Lord and make a difference in someone else's life. No other feeling like it. 

Much Love, Elder Bean

La Familia Torelli

Davis family from Carey

Elder Bunker and I

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