Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Teaching the Prepared and Famous!

Where to even start? So many amazing things happened this week and words cannot fully express the magnitude of it all.

One of the most amazing miracles this week was when we knock on the door of this lady, Amy. She answers the door and only manages to say in a shaking voice "They knew to come, the missionaries are here" into the phone up to her ear. Amy was on the verge of taking her life and was telling that to someone on the phone the very minute that we showed up. The Spirit filled the room with peace and Amy felt it as she said "I know now that God loves me". I will not forget that experience very easily! Being led by the Spirit to go see someone to save their life brings a feeling like no other.  God really does love us and is so very aware of us. I know that.

4th of July was great and very busy last week! We met this lady at the parade, Courtney is her name, and she is from Hollywood, California! We gave her a church tour on Saturday and we taught her about faith and repentance and the sacrament and the Atonement of Christ. The Spirit was very strong and you could feel it so clearly. Especially at the moment that she accepted to be baptized. It was very neat, and she is very prepared for the gospel. She loves the idea of taking the sacrament each week to receive a remission of sins. She goes back to California in a couple weeks and the baptism will most likely happen there! Btw she is an actress in Hollywood ;)

Many many experiences I could share from just the past 7 days. That would take forever though! One last thing to share is that on Friday I was on Exchanges with Elder Willis and we went up to Ketchum to walk around (only thing I can compare Ketchum to is Market Street in the Woodlands, but better). Talked to a lot of cool people, and even some famous ones because of Allen and Company (billionaire summer camp up here).  Met this girl that had obviously been drinking, but we sat down and had a nice conversation and discussed some scriptures with her. Right smack in the middle of downtown! (good publicity for us right?) Hopefully she has some recollection of things we talked about when we meet with her again!

Love y'all! Don't wish me home too fast. Still lots to do here :)

Elder Bean

Elder Willis and I in Ketchum Idaho with the Strong family

Exchange with Elder Willis

Grandpa and Grandma Bingham!! I love them dearly,
we helped them move to Ashton Idaho.

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