Monday, July 18, 2016

Yo Amo Español!

Hey y'all,

I am not sure exactly what to put in the email this week! We had a lot of things happen and every week is so filled with excitement. I guess I will dedicate most of this email to some Spanish work! We talk to at least one or two Spanish people daily.

We met with a less-active part member family last night that speaks Spanish and pretty good English. I just LOVE Spanish people. They are so fun and welcoming. Also there is just a great Spirit with them. We talked to the mom, Mayra, about going to the temple! She wants to prepare for that, and we also talked to her boys about serving missions (they are 18 and 17). They are going to look into it and I really hope they decide to serve. The 18 year old seems pretty serious about looking into it.

We meet with this one active Spanish family from Costa Rica and they are just TOO awesome. We get to speak a mix of Spanish and English there and I just love it so much. Mi español es mejor ahora ;) 

Intercambios con Elder Willis fueron viernes! Tenemos mucho divertido. Estabamos en Shoshone y Dietrich. ( Elder Willis and I went on exchanges Friday! We had a lot of fun! We were in Shoshone and Dietrich.)

Overall another solid week in the books. Looking forward to another one.

Love y'all, and see y'all soon

Elder Bean

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