Monday, October 13, 2014

Baptism and First Transfer, Staying in Twin Falls

This week was great! Went to Shoshone Falls and Dierkey's Lake on Monday and hiked around and stuff! Was really fun. Elder Cook and I had a long talk at night and we understand each other a lot better now and get a long a lot better! Wednesday I had a good experience! We went to go contact a referral, but couldn't find the address so we went to the closest address to the one we were looking for and met this guy named Derek! Turns out he is less active and his family is active somewhere else in Idaho! He was really open and cool with us and told us to stop by sometime later when his wife was home cause she is a nonmember! Kind of cool to find them :) The whole week I was missing hugging my momma! Idk I just saw a bunch of hugs and made me miss it lol. But Friday I felt the Spirit really strong all day and it was great! Met some good people! Saturday was a great day!! Elder Golden, from the seventy, and on the priesthood committee for the church, came on a tour of our mission! He spoke with us and was so bold! It was awesome to hear him and how spiritually powerful he was. Opened my mind to the Atonement and Priesthood so much more!! It was life changing. Then we baptized Harry that night! Was so great and his mom Jackie, who is non member, said she felt something like never before!! It was great. Then I got to confirm Harry on Sunday!! I was so nervous but everyone said the blessing was beautiful :) It was a neat experience for the both of us. So then we went to the Carter's last night and had Biscuits and Gravy!! It is their special meal that all the missionaries love and it was sooo good. They are like our Idaho family haha. Jesse, the daughter, is planning on getting baptized soon and in a year they are gonna be sealed as a family! So awesome :) Troy, the dad, is healthy and April, the mom, is having a healthy pregnancy so far! She is expecting in June or July (I told her June 9th cause its my birthday). It was an awesome week and we got transfer calls last night and Elder Cook and I are both staying!!! Can't believe I am already done with a transfer... Time flies! Anyways much love from Idaho! :) Miss y'all

-Elder Bean II

Shoshone Falls

Hiking around Dierkey's Lake and Shoshone Falls

Harry's baptism

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