Monday, October 20, 2014

I Love My Mission!!!!

Hey!!! My week was so great. Had its ups and downs like all weeks, but I loved it :) I really am starting to love my mission more and more! I think now that I am in my second transfer things aren't so "new" to me and I realize this is my lifestyle! We got a new set of Elder's in our district! They are cool, one is a greeny so now I feel like an old missionary haha. Monday we had FHE with Harry and his mom Jackie! It was fun, we watched the D&C Joseph smith video and had popcorn and drinks :) Jackie is really starting to come around! We taught her the plan of salvation this week and she likes that and agrees with it! I read from the Book of Mormon during the lessons and she is starting to realize that the B.O.M is from god! It is neat to see her progress :) We are starting the lessons with Mardall!  We taught lesson one and hopefully she will be baptized and give up some of her habits! She is "Momma Mardall", love her. She has been through a lot but it is really looking up for her lately! She got a puppy, and got approved on her disability/SS!! So great. Wednesday the wind blew sooooo hard! I know what they mean now when they say Idaho is windy ahah. It caused like a dust storm and trash cans to tumble down the road! I could barely walk in it haha. Thursday I had a good experience! We have been trying to talk with this family, the Cosky's, and we finally got in their door!! We chatted for a bit and they are a fun, pretty, young family! Saturday was an adventure! We helped out this sweet lady with her yard(trimmed grass with scissors ahhhaha). She is from Peru and is so springy and fun! A member in our ward lent our services out to her and it was great! She is so nice and will most likely be open to hearing the gospel! Then we helped out this family in the 2nd ward! We went with the other Elder's and worked for 4 hours helping build their house! It got damaged by a fire a while ago and they are rebuilding it so now I know how to build a frame of a house and the roof! It is actually do-able, just looks complicated! So that was a cool experience! Sunday was greattt!! Troy and April Carter came to sacrament!!! Big step for April cause she is pregnant and gets anxiety in church, but it was great to see them. Haha I was standing there with them, and someone thought that Troy was my companion! We laughed about it all day and then when we went over to their house last night we were still laughing about it. But I had a great week! Really love everyone here. I love my mission!!! I always miss Texas though :) Love and miss y'all!!!

-Elder Bean II

I am playing piano again!! Well, trying to at least. I can play Teach Me to Walk in the Light, Oh Come all Ye Faithful, and my favorite: Nearer my God to Thee! I can play that one the best :)

Whenever we are at a church or something and waiting, I will always start playing! And the bishops wife tells me to go play on her piano when I am over there!

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