Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Spirit Can Work Miracles

Soooo where do I start... last Monday was chill! Played some basketball and then crashed at the Carter's for the whole night, did FHE and had dinner/cake! Was awesome. Tuesday was fun! We had an early morning stake meeting, but we got sonic breakfast after which I haven't had in forever!! We taught a lesson to a recent convert, Scott and the spirit was so strong! He was tearing up and Bro. Bischoff was with us and started talking about the Atonement, so powerful. Then we heard about a video released by the church about Temple Garments! We watched it and it was so neat! They actually show the robes and the garments! I was so shocked they released that but it makes sense so that people respect how sacred it is to us! It just came out so idk if a lot of people know about it, but its on LDS newsroom and youtube! Wednesday we helped build the house some more, and this little blonde girl who is 4 and 1/2 was so cute ahah. She picked me a flower and we played jump rope with her and "raced" her lol. She was fun. Made me really anxious to have a family and a daughter some day!! Thursday night we were on splits with the High Priests (the old men in this ward are soo awesome and have hilarious sense of humors) and Elder Cook was with Bro. Bausman teaching Harry and Jackie and when I walked in towards the end of the lesson after being out visiting, Jackie points at me and says "if I am ever baptized I want Elder Bean to do it because he got me to really open up" and I was so stunned by that statement! Then Friday we had a lesson with Jackie, and she walks in and says to me "Are you ready to baptize me? Cause I know I need to be and I want to do it". WOW. I was so shocked I had this huge grin on my face. This lady a couple weeks ago was so against Harry's baptism and her whole family is like anti-Mormon. The Spirit worked miracles in her! And in her family! She told me she prayed all night and got her answer that she needed to do it, and then her husband was talking with her the next day and said "You know, if being Mormon is something you would want to do, go ahead. Whatever makes you happy"!! The spirit completely softened his heart! Harry set such a huge example with his baptism!!! So amazing. Then She told us Sunday that she talked with her husband the night after she told us she wants to be baptized and told him about it and she said they had a great conversation and he wants to come!! I was so ecstatic!! Seeing the hand of the Lord in their lives is so amazing...knowing that I truly am out here for a reason because people are being prepared that only I can reach! She said it herself, that she wants me to baptize her because I was what changed her heart. SO spiritually uplifting for me to know my prayers are being answered and that I am an instrument in the hands of the Lord. I cannot wait! We set the date for Nov. 8th! My first time actually baptizing someone on my mission! So great to be able to bless people's lives. I love it out here. Truly do and my testimony was so strengthened this week!!! Love and miss y'all so much. Much Love,

Elder Bean II

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