Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference Weekend!!

I had an awesome week! Hard to remember a lot of it cause it went by so fast!! So Monday we went bowling with Harry and his family and then had dinner with them! Harry is super strong and is fully committed to his baptism on Saturday despite his family's disapproval! He is way fun to meet with every day. We helped out and did service a lot! We did the Salvation Army soup kitchen for lunch and dinner and it was fun to serve these people in need! Then Thursday we went to the Temple!! It was a beautiful day and way awesome :) Before the Temple we went to eat at Cafe Rio with our district of 6 missionaries. This lady turned to me and said "I will pay for all of your meals" It was so nice!!! Best act of kindest ever. Then if her paying for us wasn't enough, she bought us all $10 gift cards and brought them and set them down by me! She wrote in each one "Work Hard!" I loved it. People are so kind and it makes us want to work so much harder and show people our example when they do stuff like that for us. It really touched my heart. She was from out of town too! It was a neat experience especially before the Temple. The Temple was very spiritual and peaceful! I loved it and had a great experience! Much needed! Friday we had a zone meeting on " Talking with Every one" and that is our focus for the month is to not pass any up but to always share our message or just talk with them!! Kinda like Bednar's talk yesterday on sharing what makes us happy and has blessed our lives so much! I loved General Conference this weekend! It was way cool to watch on my mission because I apply the things I learned differently! We watched the afternoon session yesterday with the Bishop's family and they are awesome! He is a great guy and loves us!! :) Oh and on Saturday we went with Bro. Jones, the second counselor to the Bishop, to the Priesthood session! He took us out for milkshakes afterwards and reminded me of when we used to go out for Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake after with Jed, Cade, Greg, and others! Oh and the missionaries in the choir singing for the priesthood session was cool cause I recognized a bunch from the MTC!!! Also I liked Elder Cook's talk about Logan, UT :) Especially Merlin Olsen since we lived next to the park named after him!! Pretty neat. Anyways things are going well! Idaho is still awesome :) This week should be good we are working on finding more people to teach since we are baptizing them all haha. We have 2 this weekend hopefully if all goes as planned!  I miss Texas and the family so much! Love y'all.

-Elder Bean II

Elder Bednar's talk Sunday afternoon (at the 1:33 mark) is addressed specifically to people not members of our church who wonder why we like to share our beliefs. 

Twin Falls Idaho Temple

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