Monday, September 29, 2014

I Really Believe This Gospel has Shaped My Life and Made Me the Person I am Today

This week was good! Had its ups and downs but I loved it!! So things are going great in Idaho. It is super pretty at night as the sun is setting! I will send pictures :) It is starting to get cold! Had to break out the jacket! We had a new missionary Training Meeting and it helped a ton! They said things they wish they would of known at the beginning of the mission and it helped a lot!! Elder Cook and I are really starting to get a long better and the work is improving! I had this prompting to contact this guy who was in his garage and we started talking with him about the gospel and he said we can come back in the next week!! My first investigator hah. Oh and we are gonna have 2 baptisms (and maybe more) on Oct. 11th! This 18 year old, Harry, has agreed to be baptized and he really loves the gospel despite his family's disapproval. The mom is coming around though! We are going bowling with them today at 3 so that should be fun! Jesse Carter has agreed for a bap. date! She has known it is true and has wanted it for a while and she finally committed! She is the 15 year old daughter of the Carter's. Everything is going well here with a few minor rough patches :) But I love it here. So there is this new movie coming out in theaters: Meet the Mormons. I don't think it is showing in Texas but it is here in Idaho and Utah! It is really interesting and our Mission President got us a screening copy from the church and we watched it!! It was so awesome and inspiring. It just shows different Mormons and their lifestyles and how they are normal people that live their cultures still. Showed the football coach for the Navy, a bishop, a fighter, and a couple others! Also showed "A missionary mom", that one was my favorite!! Made me all teary eyed but it was amazing :) This weekend is General Conference and I am so excited!! We are having a general authority, Elder Golden I think, come speak to us on Friday! So this weekend will be great!! This family invited us to spend the whole day with them basically :) I really love this area. Oh and I have gained such a deeper love for this gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I think what if we didn't have this? Where would I be right now? How would my family be? I really believe this gospel has shaped my life and made me the person I am today. I know our family is so much closer and there is so much love in our home because of the gospel. It truly is amazing. I love and miss Texas and everyone!! Keep writing to me and send me letters! :) 

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